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"This code sucks, you know it, I know it"...

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We've compiled a heck of a long (101) list of useful webdesign tools for designers and developers, anything which we've missed would you think? Anything you can't really live without? (Besides PS ;))

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Something that may help

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This is done by a Utah local. Thought I'd spread the word here. Its goal is to help kids learn to program.

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While last night's group was smaller than the one a couple of weeks ago, I had a great time and think we made some great progress!  Janean has provided a brief summary on our WikiWiki - .

I was explicitly asked to let everyone know that the codecademy JavaScript lessons get longer and more challenging as you progress.  So, don't think that you'll go flying though all the lessons as quickly as the first few lessons ;-) (i.e. please don't wait until the last minute to do the course) [1]  .  Our next meeting is August 13th, slightly less than three weeks, which should be plenty of time if you pace yourself.  Also make sure to note any lessons/exercises that gave you grief; we'll be doing a review of those as a group.

I've also been asked to point everyone to some basic help resources.  Off the top of my head the biggest ones are:
 - codecademy's own "Q&A Forum" - in the lower-right corner of every exercise is a link to a section specific forum
 - StackOverflow ( - a general purpose coders' Q&A forum
 - Mozilla's JavaScript reference (

Please feel free to post additional help resources to this group's listserve and our WikiWiki (

We settled on using Cloud9 and Subversion as our primary editors.  Cloud9 is a cloud-based integrated development environment, while Subversion is a more traditional non-cloud, programmer-friendly, text editor.  Following we were all able to get set up on Cloud9 [2] and start working through Katas in about 10 minutes (it would have been a lot faster, but we were seriously taxing Starbucks' internet pipeline).  

Jared gave us a great tip.  We weren't able to find the console.log output in Cloud9, but in Chrome you can open the developer's tools and the right most tab is the console (see

We also talked about projects that we'd like to tackle.  Some ideas that we bounced around include adding new Katas to , recreating liammclennan's Koans with a different testing framework (e.g., Jasmine, Mocha, YUI Test, Karma), and even controlling a robot.

[1] Not to mention that you will better retain your new knowledge if you space out the lessons and practice ;-)

[2] Cloud9 just released a much anticipated new version today.  For group reference purposes, I accepted all the default settings ("Full IDE", "No Split", "Cloud9 Night", "Default" keyboard, Soft Tabs on @ 4, Auto-Save Enabled).

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Is anyone else stuck on Codecademy 'Search Text for Your Name' p.5 of 7? I cannot figure out how to write the 'push' method to make it work. The hint doesn't help. This is in the 'for' loops section of Javascript.

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