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"QRIOUS MINDS...Let's explore together"
A short video on Stellar Evolution, the lifespan of a star. It's inclusive of all the basic details a learner would need to have an idea about how the building blocks of this endless universe, the stars, are born and end up themselves in a series of events. Notably, the scientists and researchers have a keen eye on them and hence new discoveries are being made everyday. But as these processes are a matter of millions and billions of years, so the scientists can't rely upon the observation of a single star and thus their eyes are on the numerous stages of these building blocks.
So, to have a grasp on such a complex topic which has a very broad spectrum of details, this video gives a brief, simple and understandable description of the same, with a hope that the viewers enjoy learning it in a better and much innovative way. Enjoy watching, enjoy learning.
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