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1. God like features are aloud but be fare with them

2. Teams are aloud since I'm setting up a tournament rp soon

3. A Protagonist , Anti Protagonists , Antagonists , President , Military , Ninja , Agent , Vigilante and Scientists Note (look up anything for as if paleontology , ecology work of hacking and technology )

4. Plz make a profile

5. Nothing porn related or your banned

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The people who are what you called the villians are the ones who commit true crime, being stero typed as bad guys. For all things the weak can not live without becoming the strong , the disabled are the ones that we should care and stand for , so be glad that you have a life , I'd be dam if all this. The villians have a categories of those who know and those who don't are the ones who will possibly get them selves killed to gain themselves power are to ones that will be defeated

And that is the lesson of a bad guy between one and another
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