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Tom has the least emotion out of all the characters. He is an alien-thing who was sent to earth to save it from complete destruction. His main thoughts and purposes are kill threats, make sure no one dies, then leave. While on his time on earth he has been learning what it is to live. He has no consiense, and no guilt.

What is this? Is it a animation project or game project? Just asking

Jim is not ready for the fight ahead. He is a pacifist who doesn't want to see things die. His father isn't gonna be in the show (reason is still being discussed) and he is scared for death. This leads to depression.

Larah is the optimistic one. She is your average everyday teen who is already friends with Jim. She turns bad situations into good ones.

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a lot has happened over these months
we've planned a lot
I've perfected my drawing skills
and this series is ready to be made.

Main Characters:
More coming soon

This is gonna be awesome a great idea (by the way it's Anthony )

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Should the characters have skin colors?
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No. Keep their skin plain white.
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