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I know few people are wondering why the gesture doesn't work on their phones, even when they are performing it correctly and even after adjusting the values a bit in Gesture Calibration, so here's the official answer: Different devices have different sensors and each sensor has its own maximum range and different level of accuracy/sensitivity. I don't have access to so many devices, so by default the values used by the app out of the box are the ones that works the best on my phone, which is the HTC One. It works fine on a lot of different phones also, but doesn't work properly (or sometime, at all) on the rest. At the moment, I can't support all the devices out of the box because I don't know the values that works the best on those phones, that is why I have supplied a small tool called Gesture Calibration in the app, that allows you to modify those values and try them out to see which one works the best on your phone. It's really tough to support so many devices when you don't know the proper values and especially when the devices do not have the appropriate sensors, like the Moto G. I know it's a bit annoying when you download the app and give it a try and it doesn't work, even though it's in beta and such things are normal, I understand the annoyance caused by this and I working hard to fix the issues everyone is having.

If you want the app to support your device perfectly, please use the Gesture Calibration option as much as you can to determine the correct values for your device and then provide me those values so that I can feed them in my app, so that when someone installs the app on their devices which is the same as yours, they don't face any problems with the recognition. 

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I see people getting confused on how to use the gesture, so I decided to make a small video. This is how you perform the QuickCamera gesture:

Publishing BETA 1 on Play Store now, it will be live in a couple of hours.

What's new?

1. Experimental support for previously unsupported devices, like Moto G, Galaxy Core, HTC Desire 601 and many more. Don't forget to use the Gesture Calibration setting to adjust the sensitivity/accuracy incase you're having some issues. Mind you, the support is experimental so it might not work as expected. It's a bit hard to support those devices, but I am working hard to do so.
2. Redesigned UI
3. Settings menu split into two parts - One containing app related settings and one containing settings related to gestures
4. Ability to change the twist timeout (how many seconds within which the twist must be performed)
5. Ability to enable or disable fast polling. Fast polling gives much faster (and in turn, accurate) data but consumes a bit more battery, whereas disabling it gives data at a normal rate and consumes less battery, but reduces accuracy and you might have to twist slowly instead of quickly for the gesture to register. 
6. Some bug fixes, like service automatically stopping after user removes the task from the multitasking view.

What's coming in Beta 2:
1. Ability to change number of twists
2. Bugfix for screen off only setting. Right now if the gesture still activates while the screen is on, then turn off the screen and turn it on again to fix.
3. Some more UI improvements and tip of the day
4. A few other things I can't recall at the moment

I am again reminding users that if you're experiencing a lot of battery drain (especially during the night time) then the app offers many settings to reduce it, for example Night mode, Proximity sensor and more.
PS: QuickCamera will not be accessible in this beta though.

BETA 1 is almost done, I will be pushing it to the Play Store tomorrow. Support for Moto G and other devices, more control on gestures, etc are some of the highlights!

Link for becoming a beta tester not working; I get a Google Play message that there is nothing here for me, etc giving various reasons incl that the app does not exist!

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Doing a full UI makeover of the app in preparation of beta release ;-)

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Too bad :(
Nexus 4; Franco.kernel #206; PA4+ beta 2

Hey folks, just wanted to make a small announcement. The feedback I am getting on this app is phenomenal and I've been working hard every single day to fix the bugs and improve the app even more. It's almost been a week since I launched this app and so far I have added many new features and improved the accuracy tremendously. This app is now ready to enter BETA testing stage & I will be releasing the first BETA build in a few days. Current ALPHA testers will automatically start receiving beta builds, so you don't have to worry about anything.

What can you expect from the beta builds? Since the accuracy of the gesture recognition has been significantly improved, beta builds will focus on new features (like an inbuilt QuickCapture camera app) and battery saving. Yes, I will still be improving accuracy even more and fixing bugs, but the main focus will be on the above two things. If there's anything you'd like to see (like a new feature) in the beta builds, then you can comment below.

Also, the first beta build will bring back something that a lot of people have been asking for ;-)

quero ser tester da quick camera ! como faço isso?I (want to be the tester quick camera! how to do it?)
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