(+Pikachu as Jayden) (Lewis Stedson at a street market) You see a nicely dresses teen who is buying from a farmer who is selling exotic fruits. You can tell by the teen's expression he is up to no good. Then he just takes a lot of the fruit while the farmer is turning in circles and swatting at the air. He walks away like an innocent child. You want to meet this guy.

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Age: ((human years)) 19
Forms:human, robot, motorbike
Weapons:2 blades 2 blasters and bow
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Name Archer Kane
Alias Sharp-shot
Age 19
Personality Harsh, cruel, merciless, relentless, mysterious, persuasive .
Strengths Darkness, fast runner, has extreme accuracy.
Weakness He's a human, so anything that could kill him...
Powers Can move through shadows.
Weapons Guns, guns, guns..and even more guns. 
Bio He started the life of crime when he was about sixteen. The reason was that he caught his girlfriend kissing a fellow classmate at school. Out of anger, he killed them both. Ever since that day, police, FBI, and even S.H.I.E.L.D have been trying to track him down. There have been some sightings of him, but most of the people who may have seen him, never lived to tell the tale. Those who have however, say that he roams the country at night, firing targets with extreme accuracy. How do the police know he is the killer? When they investigate the area, they will find SS Marked on the floor or wall. 
He is one of the most dangerous criminals in history. And is said to have killed fifty men alone...most people have called him "Death" or "The Grim reaper" or sometimes "Hawkeye 2.0" but he spoke once, and when he did, he only said one thing: "When night falls, beware of Sharp shot."

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Name: He doesn't remember.
Age: 19
Personality: Doesn't talk much. When he does, you better shut-up.
Powers: Can talk to you inside your head. Make you go insane by doing that to some people. Read minds. Molecular Manipulation. And Finally transport anywhere he has seen.
Weapons: A long blade with poison made into the blade.
Bio: Kidnapped when little and was taught to be evil. He saw what his kidnapper did to people. He hated it, so he made the kidnapper(a scientist) go insane. Went to the good side too.

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Name: Ariana Boyce
Job Title: Spark
Female, White hair, 5ft, level 6.
Age: 15
Personality: Lots of sass and pretty much hates all boys.
Powers: Can make and control lighting. And can transport by using lighting.
Weakness(es): Water and being stabbed by a stake. (Sounds vampire-ish.)
Weapons: A steel staff and an emergency bronze dagger.
Bio: Kind of secretive, but okay. She had a big brother that was a goody-two-shoes. And she was definitely not. Her parents despised her. Soon she ran away. She had to steal things. So she made distractions with her lightning. Her brother came to stop her, coming soon, but she beat him. Now she is like an assassin, you can hire her to kill someone or make something go wrong.

(Ally) You come in and see Ally totally killing a dummy. She has a knife and she knows how to use it. She flips on top of the dummy and stabs the chest.

((Continuation with +Mack Williams  your turn.))

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I did it!

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Age: 19
Personality: Makes you feel safe and then does his business. In real life he is a sarcastic trouble maker.
Power: To calm or anger people. That is his main, but he can prettty much control your senses.
Weapon: He has a dart shooter, tranquilizer gun, and a slingshot.
Bio: Ordinary life until he found out about his power. Then he went bad, then worse, then a little evil.

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First one!
Age: 18
Personality: She loves to be around guys. Mostly cause she is almost like a guy. She is awkward around girls though.
Powers: She control anything that is naturally made by the Earth. She can eat anything, that means she could eat a buckeye if she wanted to.
Weapons: The ground and one dagger made of obsidian, so she can summon it back after she has thrown it.
Bio: She ran away cause her family hated her. Called her a freak. She could live in paradise, because of her powers. But she was scared of them. One day a stranger walked by and saw her use her powers. She got anger, and the ground split open under him. So yeah she doesn't like her power much.
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