Has anyone eaten at Bonefish grill? Any suggestions?

Hello mad town peeps. I plan on driving to madison tomorrow. I need unique captures, and also leveling up my son. Are there any special things I need to know. Does anyone have a driving route? I am a level 10 player, and my son is 7. Close to 8 though. Thanks for any help.

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So when I got here Epic campus was really green. Enough portals were only 1 away that I made a bunch of EL8s. Will that be enough to make local R show up so I can get the unique caps?

Hello fellow agents. I'm EL11 agent RedFoxSD from San Diego. I'll be in the Madison area (Middleton, Verona) for a couple of weeks. I plan to come with plenty of bursters to get unique caps, but would also like to meetup with any agents in the area.

Hey y'all! I'm moving to Madison from San Diego on 10/1 and am excited to get started tearing down the Resistance out there =) What is this about a truce? (Before I got about blowing up reso's will ye nil ye)

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My #Ingress agent profile.

Where are my agents at???

Would like to attend the anomaly in Madison. Please share more information.

I am "Ar11" in the game and i operate at Epic.  I live in west madison but didn't see many portals in the area. 
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