Hey there! I'll be heading to WI to visit family in mid-December and was thinking of heading to Madison for a day. Is there a group that I could get in contact with in regards to where's good places to hit for uniiques and/or banner missions that would be easily driveable. I'm basically looking for the best bang for my time. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Future Undergrad Student of UW Madison from Shanghai. Agent id cth451

hello. out in Portland visiting family but I'll be back in the campus area in three days

Hoping to make contacts in neighboring cities on behalf of the Chicago Fielding Academy, let us make BAFs! Agent Redag, i.redag@gmail.com

Anyone around UW campus during the week?

Not a lot of activity here, but might as well give it a shot.
I'm a new player in the Madison area.
Read and listened through hours of tutorials and newbie tips and I think I got the gist of it.
I will be active and ready to co-op with other Enlightened.

Looking for suggestions on simple drivable missions. We'll be driving thru Madison on Sunday and weather temps will be sub-zero. Also looking for portal density for unique hacks.

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Hello mad town peeps. I plan on driving to madison tomorrow. I need unique captures, and also leveling up my son. Are there any special things I need to know. Does anyone have a driving route? I am a level 10 player, and my son is 7. Close to 8 though. Thanks for any help.

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