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The countdown to the Partnering for Innovation Summit: Collaborate to Innovate on 12 September 2017 (Basel) has begun! Register Today
- After last year’s successful first event, the Basel Innovation Group (BIG) is collaborating with PD Industry Collaborations (PDIC), GPS, IT, PD Strategic Innovation (PDSI), PDMA and other functions in Pharma and Diagnostics to bring this inspirational event to you.
- Where: Basel, Building 1 Auditorium and Foyer
- When: Tuesday, September 12th, 2017
- Time: 9:00 - 17:30

- Check our website for updates and registration

This year the Partnering for Innovation Summit focuses on the importance of internal, external and cross-industry collaborations to foster innovation. By collaborating, together we can truly understand our challenges and our customers needs to create innovative solutions that our business and key stakeholders require.

During the day the focus will be on 4 key areas:

- Precision Medicine - vision or reality? Are we closer to providing targeted disease treatment for patients and make healthcare more personalized?
- Following the science in a digital era The emergence of digital biomarkers and their potential to transform clinical practice
- Collaborate to Innovate: How collaborative ways of working are enabling realisation of innovation
- Patient Journey - A holistic approach to patient experience: today and beyond

More details on the agenda will follow early August.

Please REGISTER to confirm your attendance.

We look forward to collaborating with you at the Summit!

On behalf of the Basel Innovation Group Organizing Team
Alain Bindels, Catia Fonseca, Sumu Sethi, Alexander Klein, Virginia Nido, Janos Karovits and Desiree Kirstein

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Excellent Website for all level of AI knowledge and interests like newcomers, experts, technical and non technical people

Hi there!

Is there anybody in the community willing to participate in a small innovation proof-of-concept for ServiceNow at Roche?
I'm thinking about a couple of use cases where we could leverage AI to help with supporting of our users. Since I'm no expert in AI myself I thought it would make sense to ask for help.

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For techies out there...
I didnt know people still use LISP and PROLOG..... still remember programming in these in school ages ago....


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Funny and instructive video what to watch out for when using technologies like Alexa, Siri..

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We would like to present you with the 1st edition of the Basel Innovation Group Newsletter 2017. In this edition you can find out more about:

- Our Innovation Summit: "Collaborate to Innovate" 12 September 2017
- TEDx Basel 11 June 2017,
- Inspirational videos and stories
- Innovation events happening around Basel
- AI chatbots, How to prototype, Patient centered data, Industry collaborations, Field trips........and much more

Feel free to spread our newsletter.

Link to newsletter:

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