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The Intelligent Health Summit 2018 welcomed 1600 attendees (Including User Services EMEA represents :-) ) from 68 countries and 70 of the most influential people in AI and health as speakers and the entire global AI health ecosystem.

As a key takeaway we bring the following impressions back to Roche to trigger discussions and debates:

1# Democratizing AI for better health outcomes
- The full potential of AI can unlocked in combining data leaks from: Clinicians,
Hospitals, Health Systems on all continents and of course companies like

- There are several initiative driven by the European Commission to pooling
health data for research and personalised medicine.

- Declaration for delivering cross border access to genomic database
(1 million genomes accessible in the EU by 2022).

- Giving EU citizens better access to their health data: The eHealth Digital
Service Infrastructure (eHDSI) enables exchange of patient data across

- Ethical rules on ownership of personal health data.

2# How to Regulate AI products/services?
FDA and EU Commission representatives stressed the importance of ensuring that AI delivers accurate, reliable output under a realistically wide range of conditions that may be encountered in the real world.
The difference of AI products or services are the changing parameters compared to a static product like Avastin. The quality of decisions made by an AI system depends on the training set of data, the algorithm enabling the learning, and the validation set of data. The solution could be to regulate the basic data or algorithm. But in our opinion this is maybe a contradiction to a self learning system. On the other hand if the data are high quality from where the algorithm is learning, also the results from the AI engine can be better trusted by physician to take better decision.

3# Toady AI already happens in the Area of:

- R&D, clinical trial research and drug discoveries
- Keeping well and preventative care
- Early detection and diagnostics
- Decision support, treatment and disease management
and precision/personalised medicine
- Child health and mental health

4# Tech Giants In Healthcare

We observed a strong commitment from tech giants like Microsoft, Amazon and Goolge in the area of Healthcare. There is a strong focus on platforms, middle-ware and business models in collaboration with healthcare companies to access, exchange and process data. In a nutshell:

- Creating exchange nodes within health giants
- Pushing Cloud enabled services
- Building its own data sets for third parties to build on
- Who owns the data? End Users or companies collecting the
data / information?

Will AI replace humans: AI won’t replace humans; it will free us up to add more value to society and make better decisions.

Juergen Becker, Michael Egger, Gabriele Zilori & Dominik Stephan
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Chatbots Coming Soon to Roche!

To learn more or share your interest join our Google+ Community -

#chatbots #assistants
ChatBots Coming Soon
ChatBots Coming Soon

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Join us on 19 June- Basel, Building 1- "Transforming the Healthcare Experience Together"

We are very excited to share with you the final agenda for the Partnering for Innovation Summit. The agenda includes an inspiring lineup of speakers, engaging plenary sessions, focused workshops and plenty of opportunities to network with colleagues.

As we already have more than 500 registrees for the event please register as soon as possible as we are soon hitting full capacity.

Please REGISTER here as soon as possible.

- Visit the Basel Innovation Group on Google+
- Agenda Summit Googlesite:

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Background about what happened with Cambridge Analytica.
Fascinating, impressive, scary and illegal

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The Basel Innovation Group is delighted to bring to you this year’s Partnering for Innovation Summit on 19th June 2018. This year's theme is about:
"Transforming the Healthcare Experience Together"

Please Register here:

We will explore how the healthcare experience is changing and how we need to adapt to shape the future as ONE Roche.
(see Agenda outline

During the day we will focus on:
- Designing a new human-centric experience
How can we transform our organization to be ready for the future of healthcare?
- Health and Prevention - A model for Pharma?
How can we take a more holistic approach of our wellbeing - from microbiomes to mindfulness
- The Future of Diagnosis
The future is all about being able to (self) diagnose diseases early, monitor your disease progression and beyond
- From Medical Provision to Integrated Care Management - a shift from hardware to software!
How to shift from medical provision to integrated and continuous care management? What can we learn from Diabetes Care and is it applicable to Pharma? What is the payers perspective?

I hope we have sparked your curiosity!

Stay tuned for more information about the event, the agenda and speakers which will be shared with you in the coming months.

We look forward to see you on 19th June 2018!

Visit the Basel Innovation Group on Google+

Partnering for Innovation Summit Organising Committee:
Alain Bindels, Catia Fonseca, Sumu Sethi, Alexander Klein and Desiree Kirstein

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In Forrester’s evaluation of the emerging market for
Chatbots in customer service, they identified the 10
most significant providers for Enterprise Customer
Service. Ping me if you want to have the PDF document.


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Check out all the recordings and presentations from the Partnering for Innovation Summit 2017. It was a great success with 742 registered participants, 50 posters, 16 booths and 30 speakers and panelists. We hope to see you next year at the next Summit on 25/26 September 2018.........more to follow soon
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