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Share the love with Auto Awesome hearts

’Tis the season for saying “I love you,” so today we’re rolling out a new way to make your Google+ photos more loverly, automatically. Just upload a new photo of people kissing, and we’ll gift you a version with animated hearts.

Share the photo with someone special, or keep it for your eyes only. Either way you’ll get notified when your #AutoAwesome image is ready. Happy Valentine’s day, and have a wonderful weekend! #googleplusupdate
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Not sure how many people will want to publicly share their smooches or #AutoAwesomeHearts , but if they do, this is the community for it. 

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Now this one is really cool! 

HT +Tweetie Lyn 
I'm not going to miss this.....adding some spice in the photo....,cool stuff
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#Hearts  works with #Hugs  too! 
Auto Awesome Hearts!

Just in time for Valentine's Day, we launched Auto Awesome Hearts! Just upload a photo of kissing or hugging, and Google Photos will add hearts automatically.

It even works on bear hugs. ;)

Congratulations to +Erik Murphy-Chutorian's team!

Original bear hug photo by Thomas Mengelsen:

#googleplusupdate   #googlephotos  
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Love this one! #AutoAwesomeHearts  

HT +Meridith Williams 
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Happy Valentines #autoawesome

Just download a picture with kissing

This was the picture on our engagement invitations
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HT +Tom Snyder 
Mirror, mirror on the wall...
I was wondering if I could make Auto Awesome do this?!
Too. Damn. Funny.  ;)
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