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Name: I am Marzia Da Vinci

Age: i am 16

GP (godly parent) : zeus

Powers: i can control lightning

Apparente: picture

Personality: kind, friendly, hopeful, social, brave, loyal

Fatal Flaw: you can stab me i'll die!

Favoured weapon((s)): a sword or my powers

Likes: swimming, helping

Dislikes: bullies

Strengths: my family

Pet/Companion: lightning wolf

Weaknesses: stab me already!!

Bio: she was the helpfullest child on her school and that was the way she got here. when she was 12 A phoenix showed her the way to camp-half blood. no i am very easily you can stab me or shoot i'll die
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i need to find my mother i dreamed that she was in danger (open) the woman below is my mom  in the game

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name jade pamer
nickname jj
age 12
godly parent posiden
wepon a neckles that turns into a soward
eye clouer sea blue 
pet a pegese named snow
bio do not know her mother very emoshenal
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Name:  Jerid Gill
Age: 16
Godly Parent: Ares
Gender: Male
Description: Picture
Likes: Swimming, Sword Fighting, Eating
Dislikes: Bullies, Jerks
Weapon: Giant Sword (As Shown in Picture)
Talents: Weapons Master, Battle Strategist
Blessings: Zeus (The Wings), Ares (Cursing Weapons), Hepheastus (Extra Strong Armor)

Merla walked her dog wih her cat sitting placidly on her shoulder she didn't care it was dark and 2;00 am she turned to a noise behind her

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Cecilia sat by the campfire, deep in thought. She took out her dagger and examined it, still thinking. Strands of brown hair fell into her eyes, but she didn't bother pushing them back, ignoring everything around her.

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Name: Violet LockLeer

Age: 15

GP (godly parent): Hephaestus 

Powers: Very Good In Masonry and Enchanting Weapons.

Appearance: Picture Below

Personality: Violet is Extremely Quiet and shy, She is Clumsy but Nice. She Is Quite Smart in Masonry and Weapons. She also is Very Creative in Making Enchantment Powders. She is also Very Distant.

Fatal Flaw: Half Blind, Which makes her have a large defect in seeing on her blind side, she also is very quiet which makes people hard to hear her.

Favored weapon: An Enchanted Halberd that Makes People, When touching blood Injects a Powder into their Blood Stream to knock them out.

Likes: Piano,Classic Music,Nature,Cats,Magic,Masonry.

Dislikes: Jerks,Flirty Guys,Capture The Flag,Crowds,Modern Music.

Strengths: She Is Good With Spears and Halberds, She knows how to enchant weapons and how to defect the cause of Many Enchantments.

Pet/Companion: A Black cat with Violet eyes, Named Kaos

Weaknesses: Enchantments that she cannot cure, Anything that can kill.

Bio: Violet was born and raised in Washington, In a small town near Seattle. She always was distant tword her classmates and always avoided everyone. When she was 13 years old, She was driven away from her home to Camp Half-Blood. The story goes on..

Theme Song: Don't Stop Believing By: Journey
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Name: Grace James

Age: 16

Years at camp: None, she's new.

Godly parent: Aphrodite

Weapon/Magical item: A pitch black spiky whip, which is coated in poison, and disguised as mascara.

Birthday: December 9th (That's actually my birthday, but whatevs.)

Strengths: Fashion. And....... Beauty. And, she's actually pretty good with her whip....

Powers: Charm-speak mostly. She can be very, very convincing. Very.

Weaknesses: Well, Fashion is her Kryptonite. And she isn't the greatest at sports.....

Fatal flaw: Snaps That's confidential.

Personality: Flirtatious, Funny, Bold, can be Kind, Sassy, Very Lovable, but can be a bit blunt.

Bio: Ah, Nope. I'll add this later if needed.

Okay I'm not taking any ballock anymore if you don't make your profiles by Greenwich mean timezone(my time zone) 12:00 tomorrow then get the fuck out this goes for all of my communities
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