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*Welcome To The Last Survivors Anime Roleplay Community. Make sure to invite and sign up!*


Many years ago... a deadly contagious disease broke out. Somehow it just disappeared after almost wiping human society. Soon at 2021, the illness broke out again. You are among the few survivors. All other humans had turned into mindless monsters, or died. Protect you're families... protects your love ones... because... the end is near!

*Rules: Instant Ban or Removal*

1. No cussing.

2. No inappropriate pictures, or roleplay.

3. No real human pictures, only anime.

4. No disrespect, respect each other and be kind.

5. No overpowered (op) powers, or godmodding.

6. No asking for moderator roles or owner.

7. Do not be mean, or hurtful to each other.

8. Have fun!

*Template for your character*




{Birth Date:}







{Powers (Only 3, no elemental):}









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