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{Name:} Harumi Sengoku

{Nickname(s):} Niku/Muki

{Age:} 15

{Birth Date:} 2004- January 4th

{Bio:} Scared and lonely at home and very sad cause my parents died of the disease. Don't know what to do

{Looks:} Pink headed blue eyes

{Likes:} Animals mostly cats/Family/Friends

{Dislikes:} Mean People/Zombies

{Personality:} Sweet, kindhearted, protective, can kill a lot, pretty, loves people, sweet and beautiful smile.


{Powers (Only 3, no elemental):] Faster Runner/ Good with weapons/ Disaperring

{Skills:} High jumping karate and kicking butt

{Weapons:} Two swords and a gun

{Family:} None their dead

{Friends:} None their dead

{Relationship:} Single

{Crush:} none

{Pets:} Dog name is Lucy Butterfly name is Hope

{Allies:} non

{Other:} Thats all
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{Name:} inaisha
{Nickname(s):} ina
{Age:} 16
{Birth Date:} 10/ 31/ 2005
{Bio:} knocked unconscious, cant remember anything
{Personality:} random
{Powers (Only 3, no elemental):} disappear, walk through walls
{Weapons:} dagger
{Crush:} none

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{Name:} Allyson

{Nickname(s):} Ally

{Age:} 25

{Birth Date:} 1996/3/17

{Bio:} Doesn't like to talk about it

{Looks:} Photo below

{Likes:} To be alone hidden in the darkness

{Dislikes:} Crowds, the creatures outside, and loud noises

{Personality:} Loner, Serious, Strong, Brave, Is kind when wants to be.

{Traits:} Just look at my photo jez.

{Powers (Only 3, no elemental):} (Just act like you don't know them in the actual rp ppl) Can get into peoples heads makin em go crazy for a few minutes. That is the only power I got.....

{Skills:} Combat, and knows the creatures behavior

{Weapons:} Blood Stone Scythe

{Family:} Died to the stupid disease

{Friends:} None

{Pets:} None

{Allies:} None

{Other:} No one

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THANKS FOR THE SPAM INVINTATIONS TO ALL THE PPLE THAT INVITED ME +Kyojin Haruki can you stop inviteing me into communitys

Why no elemental?? 😡😡😡

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{Name:} Jane

{Nickname(s):} None..

{Age:} 17

{Birth Date:} June 1, 1999

{Bio:} Quite rare to give such private information to people..

{Looks:} Picture below

{Likes:} Combat, music, reading, and being with my friends

{Dislikes:} Death...

{Personality:} Quiet, kind, nice, hotheaded, and bright

{Traits:} Blonde hair, Blue eyes, and light skin

{Powers (Only 3, no elemental):} Telepathy, telekinesis, and teleportation  

{Skills:} Combat, and strategizing

{Weapons:} A sword but many times my magic

{Family:} None..

{Friends:} +Kyojin Haruki 

{Relationship:} Nopppppeee.......

{Crush:} Ehh....

{Pets:} None

{Allies:} None.. So far..

{Other:} Noen
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Template for your character

{Name:} Qistina

{Nickname(s):} Qis/Tina

{Age:} 14

{Birth Date:} 13/januari

{Bio:} "im... a princess of fairy land... my kingdom has been infected with the diseas as well.. i thought it was only my kingdom but... it seems like almost the whole world... i found some people struggling.. and surviving... i came from a very far place to here just to find an antidote...i shall help find the antidote... well ill have to wait..."

{Looks:} (below)

{Likes:} purple..lending a hand..fighting for friends..defending the innocent..

{Dislikes:} bullies... killers.. stealers

{Personality:} Fiesty...kind worm..hard worker..responsible..royal..loyal... loves to lend a hand..

{Traits:} "........"

{Powers (Only 3, no elemental):} shapeshifting... shape shifting a sword.. spawning her wings

{Skills:} sword art..

{Weapons:} shapeshifting sword

{Family:} siblings and cousins..

{Friends:} none yet...

{Relationship:} single

{Crush:} none

{Pets:} pet calico cat (scorpion king) eight pic pic

{Allies:} none yet

{Other:} "others are classified"
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Welcome To The Last Survivors Anime Roleplay Community. Make sure to invite and sign up!


Template for your character

{Name:} Salem blood red

{Nickname(s):} "*demon* in the underworld but they call me fallen angel on earth"

{Age:} 17

{Birth Date:} unknown

{Bio:} "can't tell,it's embarrassing and sad. I hate it.."

{Looks:} (picture down there,baka)

{Likes:} demons, angels, lovable people, love, and caring

{Dislikes:} judgemental people, Christians, people against him that he is good

{Personality:} lovable,shy, happy,sad,angry,and protective

{Traits:} short 5"3, smart, quiet and mad even cute

{Powers (Only 3, no elemental):} healing, demon form, and giant flaming sword when ever pick anything up.

{Skills:} hacking, never give up,and being silent too

{Weapons:} knives, a pistol, a flaming sword that is giant, summon demons and angels, and cloning

{Family:} "red eye clan, it's a powerful that's why I was raised like this."

{Friends:} "mine are dead by a scary killer named Jeff I'm getting payback"

{Pets:} a demon wolf named death

{Allies:} Chester Jones, killer v3(chino), and killer v4( unknown but call him tr-82l)

{Other:} "I have a killer viper crew and we have an army and a hidden base, but don't tell anybody because if you do I'm tracking you down."

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Template for your sign up

Your Gonna Have A Bad Time.
I will make you regret all your sins.
It's a beautiful day outside birds are singing flowers blooming and kids like you,
Should be burning in hell

{Names:} Samuel Gaster

{Nickname(s):} Sam. But some people call me sans

{Age (15-18):} 17

{Likes:} Chilling

{Dislikes:} Heh. You guys know

{Looks:} Pics

{Personality:} Happy. Laid back. At times serious

{Powers Gaster Eye

{Weapons:} None

{Skills:} Many

{Pets:} Non

{Friends:} Non

{Family:} Bro pepprr

{Relationship:} Non


{Bio:} Umm. Was born. I am awesome and lazy. And strong.

{Other:} nothing else
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{Name:} Chloe Isabela Tomlinson

{Nickname(s):} Izzy


{Birth Date:} February,14th 1990

{Bio:} unknown

{Looks:} below

{Likes:} sunstes,snow,makeing friends,animals,spring

{Dislikes:}bullies,peeps who abuse animals

{Personality:}kind,sweet,loyal,brave,shy at times,serious sometimes,quiet sometimez


{Powers (Only 3, no elemental):} shapeshift,can talk to animals,invisibility

{Skills:} can be quick in combat

{Weapons:} sword

{Family:}mom and dad both dead

{Friends:} +SuperMishiDoesYT​​, ​​+Mαяιssα​​​ , +Kyojin Haruki​​(if chu want) +Amy The Shadow​, ect.


{Crush:} no one y3t

{Pets:} black cat named Inkpot

{Allies:} everyone except for enemies

{Other:} Height:4'8,eye color can change to red.

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