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Zenvera Store Bonus

From now until May 25th, 2014, all Zenvera Store PayPal transactions will have a 20% ZP bonus.

Changes 2014-05-07

Zenvera earrings will now increase statue drop chance by 20%.
Elven furniture will be removed from the Zenvera reward menu.
Poker display will be sped up.
Additional combat checks will be placed on house customization.

Serpent's Scramble

An old pirate scattered his treasures across Serpent's Hold.

There are 40 items in total. Finder's keepers.

Event begins at 10 PM EST.

Wind Invasion 2014-05-04

Scouts have reported nefarious forces gathering in the vicinity of Wind. It is up to us to stop them and save the city.

This event is not in a safe area. You can be harmed by other players and lose your resources.

When: May 4th, 2014 - 8PM EST
Where: Wind

Changes 2014-04-30

Started framework for Scarlett's advanced taming system.
The tournament system has been updated to provide additional developer flexibility.
Sigil corruption timer reduced to 6 hours.
Power faction item drop rate increased by 10-40% (depending on rank).
Explosion potion changes: Potions thrown by player's in guarded areas will not damage innocent players, guild members, or party members ("smart AoE"). All potions thrown by player's in guarded areas will have their damage reduced by 10 points.
Two new items were added to the Zenvera reward menu.
Zenvera Earrings increase ZP drop chance by 10%.
The Bracelet of Treasure increase monster item drop rate by 10%.

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Azure Platform and Zenvera

Sorry we've been so quiet the past week or two!

We have been working on securing the long term future of the shard and have completed integration of the Zenvera core into Microsoft's Azure platform.

While it isn't an exciting new gameplay addition, it does mean that the project's hosting should be taken care of for years to come.

We also understand how important stability and reliability are to a community. We took this opportunity to integrate Azure's backup service to complement our existing weekly offsite backup process.

Thank you all for making this a great community!

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Zenvera Store Sale

In an effort to raise funds for further cloud deployment of Zenvera systems we are offering a 25% ZP bonus on PayPal purchases from now until April 20th, 2014.

We would definitely love to explore Google Cloud Platform's Compute Engine for Zenvera, but are also considering Microsoft's Azure platform as well as Rackspace's Cloud Server platform.

Changes 2014-04-09

Instead of only factioned red characters, all red characters may now enter guarded areas without being instantly killed by guards.

Account management, Zenvera store, and server status databases have been moved to distributed PostgreSQL deployments. MyZenvera MySQL hosting has been moved to Amazon RDS.

Zenvera forums are now running on Redhat's OpenShift platform.

The web status banner will now show event gate status.

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Changes 2014-04-02

Easter Gifts: Players that log into Zenvera between today and April 23rd will receive Easter gifts. Gifts are given to all registered accounts that are at least 7 days old as of April 2nd. One gift is given per account.
Several items were added to the Zenvera reward menu.
Update rdrand and Sallos core libraries.
Database and e-mail services were updated.
Report generation fixed.
Easter Island event fixes.
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