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Name: Joyce Barrens

Alias: The Tamer

Age: 15

Occupation : Overwatch

Looks: Shoulder Length Brown hair, Green Eyes, peach skin, and alien clothing with a mix color of blue and purple.

Companion: Zai, a alien Banshee. Flys and does commands, a bit more friendly.

Bio: She grew up in a planet, usually being experimented by scientists who noticed that she can communicate to alien animals. But a breakout start when her alien companions started to help her, and let her escape but survived in the forest where these alien creatures live. For years, she's been inventing her own weapons and her own armor out of from alien spaceship that she noticed that they were there for decades. But finally made a portal gun to teleport to her home planet. To Earth. That's where she met Winston and the Overwatch team.

A talon outpost is expecting reaper and widowmaker for a inspection in order to check the status of the outpost.

(( +Archie Timmons ))

Reaper and a group of Talon mercenaries scaled through the Temple, looking for anything that could help Sombra.

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Pics of GTX
P.s. He has a drone army that follow his orders
Also he has a assorted suits that help him in battle
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Role play template:





Base of Operations:




Extra Info:

Name:Archie Timmons




Base of Operations: super command star ship

Weapons: variety of weapons

Abilities: cloaking,speed boost,hacking,regenerative healing,technological advance wings,elemental powers.

Bio:he suffered major injuries in a talon bombing. With the help of Winston and mercy, he was turned into a mechanical mercenary who works for them.

Extra Info: mortal enemy: reaper

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Name: Gabriel Reyes

Alias: The Reaper

Age: 59

Occupation: Talon commander

Faction: Talon

Base of Operations: Temple of Anubis (Formally), Current Base Unknown

Weapons: Duel-wield sawed off shotguns, claws on gloves

Abilities: Can Shadow Step (Teleport) and go into a smokey cloud that he calls his 'Wraith Form'

Bio: Reyes was left devastated when the Omnic Crisis destroyed his home city, and was put into the Military's Blackwatch group. After several years, he was recruited into Overwatch. He worked alongside Jack Morrison (Soldier: 76), Ana Amari (Ana), Angela Ziegler (Mercy), and countless others to end the Omnic Crisis. After the Omnic Crisis ended, he was put into Overwatch's Blackwatch program, leading it.
He found a gunslinger, Jesse McCree, at a bar on Route 66 and recruited him into Blackwatch. Jealousy of how Morrison was put over his rank in Overwatch, he started planning a betrayal with the Blackwatch. Soon, a fued started between Reyes and Morrison, prompting some Overwatch and Blackwatch members to leave. Eventually, McCree left Blackwatch after losing his arm and getting a robotic one to replace it.
One day, Reyes, and the rest of Blackwatch engaged a battle between Morrison and Overwatch. A missed helix rocket shot from Morrison to Reyes blew up a generator and blew up the Overwatch Swiss base, and Reyes and Morrison were presumed dead.
Angela (Mercy) found Reyes' burnt and broken body, and decided to try her new medicine that brought people back from the grave, and it partially worked, but Reyes' particles were dying while being alive. The only way to stay physical, he has to kill people.
He soon joined Talon with Widowmaker (Formally Amelie Lacroix) and other former Blackwatch members. He assaulted the Watchpoint: Gibraltar Overwatch base, where Winston was residing, to get all of Overwatch's former members' locations were, but Winston defeated him and his Talon agents.
Donning the name 'The Reaper', he and Widowmaker assaulted a museum to steal Doomfist's gauntlet for Talon, but were stopped by Tracer and Winston. Reaper used a grenade launcher during the battle, but no one knows where it went. Now, Reaper fights a war against Morrison, who now is called 'Soldier: 76' and now has Sombra on his side.
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Welcome +Archie Timmons 

Who would you like to RP as? If you can't, I can make you your profile.
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