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In episode 16 of The Hall of Blue Illumination, your intrepid hosts discuss the role of meta-knowledge of Tékumel in the game.

It's that time again. I'm organizing the Tekumel Track at Con of the North taking place in Plymouth MN February 16-18, 2018.

Event submission hasn't opened yet, so start thinking about what you want to run. Event deadline is September 30th, but I'd like to have everything in my hands by September 15th.

Drop me a line if you're interested.

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It’s time to start thinking about U-Con. For the 19th year in a row, the UCon game convention in southeast Michigan will have a track of Tekumel games. I’ve volunteered to organize the track. So far we have 3 gms running 5 Tekumel games, and there are still more folks that I’m hoping to hear from. Maybe you?

This year the con runs from Friday morning through Sunday evening, November 17-19. Same location as the last few years, "The Ann Arbor Marriott Ypsilanti at Eagle Crest Golf Resort” (yes, that’s really what it is called).
Convention homepage:

Event registration is open! Please submit your events in the next few weeks. Pre-registration will open some time in September, and it would be great to have all the Tekumel games in before that happens. After you submit them on the website, please drop me a note and let me know what your plans are. As track organizer, I can advise the con staff on scheduling, that’s about the extent of my powers, but I need to know what you want.

To qualify for a GM’s Badge (which gives you free con registration), you’ll need to run at least 6 hours worth of events. The usual rpg slots are four hours, so either run two rpg sessions (they can be the same game twice, no problem), or get creative and run a 2 hour board game or discussion or something. I’m happy to talk ideas if needed. Of course you don’t have to run Tekumel events, you could run something else and just play Tekumel, but what would your clan elders think of such ignominious conduct? Strive for glory and bring honor to your clan! Run Tekumel events at UCon!
Gamemaster information and link to event submission:

If you wish to demonstrate your nobility through service appropriate to your status (and defray the costs of registration), volunteers are welcome!

For what it’s worth, they’ve announced a couple of Guests of Honor for this year, they both look pretty interesting: Whitney Beltrán (aka Strix) and Cam Banks
(I think maybe the rest of the people on this page are left from last year, not sure)

I hope we can play games together this fall,

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I saw this in National Geographic and I immediately thought of undercities in Tekumel. This is Al Rawda in Syria. They used geomagnetic imaging.


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It took a long time but I have added a new post to Tékumel Collecting. The latest post discusses Tékumel languages.

Have a look!

This is a Bethorm rules question I am hoping for help with:

A starting ritual spell caster most likely has 40-50 NRG.
It seems according to the rules that every time you cast a spell you use NRG, and most spells cost 7-20.
The recovery section mentions that you roll to get points back and on average get 50% of your total.

So that would put the average character at a refresh of 25 a day, which means they can cast only 2-3 low level spells per day.

Am I reading this wrong, or is this the intent?

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Dave Morris' Tekumel RPG available to download for free...

I've read the Tsolyani believe the soul has five parts. Are they described in detail anywhere? I remember reading about them, but cannot locate the source. I skimmed through the Tekumel Sourcebook but couldn't find anything.

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This one goes out to the French speakers. :) I found out about this YouTuber when I was asked if I could help him out with some history of the game. I told him however that I was more of a late comer to the setting/system.
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