Am starting a short campaign set near Chene Ho at the beginning of the war with Yan Kor in 2356. Any suggestions for scenarios/adventures that might be appropriate for that place and time? I’m using Brett Slocum’s excellent Petal Hack so can easily convert any system for use. Thanks!

We have a full schedule at Con of the North this year in the Tekumel Track.

John Till is running two games: Jakalla Underworld with EPT and The Rise of the Assassins with his Fate of Tekumel rules. Bill Acheson is running three Torchbearer sessions: The Coming of Sorg and A Litany in Scratches I & II.

Don Kaiser is running two homebrew games: A Day at the Museum and Six Weddings (and a Funeral?). Krista Donnelly is running two Bethorm games: I Wanna Go Home and The 7th Rite, as well as The Tekumel Board Game by Felippe Morales.

I'm running two Petal Hack games: Behind Enemy Lines and The Submerged Spire of Sarpedon the Shaper, as well as Wizard Duel, my board game of magical arena combat inspired by War of Wizards from TSR, but using a square-grid combat system and miniatures.

Preregistration has opened at

Can someone remind me in which of Barker's novels do the protagonists get imprisoned in a tiny bethorm, I think it was inside a monument or something? I'm working on an adventure. Thanks.

Hi can anyone point me at some adventures for The Petal Hack?

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Playing Ra'Zén'Do, a Tinaliya working for the Clan of the Golden Bough in Thráya. The scenario is "The Battle of Dormoron Plain". The GM is Don Kaiser. #ConFABulous

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Only on Tékumel

Fear not, the Hall of Blue Illumination has returned from its Disquieted Days of Beatific Respite, and shall return soon!

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I'm stocking Dyson Logos' My Private Jakalla Underworld with Mark Pettigrew's help for U-Con. Plus a surprise.
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If anyone is active on Diaspora or any of the federated boards like Friendica there is a #tekumal tag. And yes I have signed up to MeWe and ODD74.

Did I read that Google is shutting down Google+? Does that mean we will lose this forum?
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