I believe online writing has the potential of earning you a few dollars on the side, as an additional income. If some have gone on to earn a substantial income it is because of their dedication and self belief.

I got started 5 years back and it took me 10 months to earn 10 $. I understand now that was because I was focussing on earning. If I had focussed more on the craft of writing I may have done much better. The 10 $ made me happy and thrilled. I would like to share the self development:
1. I was able to sit at one place for hours on end and write. 
2. I picked up a few good habits about netiquette ie. how to conduct myself online when interacting with netizens.
3. My writing improved beyond recognition and I used to think I was a great writer. The improvement happened becuse I was exposed to what others wrote.
4. I picked up a few skills when it came to blogging.
5. I was introduced to online content mills where one can get paid for writing requested content. I mean one can make 20-50$ per week for a few hours of writing everyday. If the writing is good one can earn much more. The writing sites accepted my application and made the payments when I produced results.
Well, I can go on but I will wait for aspiring and established writers who are willing to discuss writing opportunities and share writing opportunities with members of my community. I am willing to collaborate and collaborate with like minded writers so that we can all co-exist and thrive in the freelance writing world online.
To those who aspire to get started as a writer but are reluctant I can suggest one site, where they can get started and take it from there.
Yes, this is a referral link.

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This is a good article writing site for those who do not want to bid for writing online assignments. The length of the article can vary from 150 words to 1000 words or more.
The rates are fixed. there is no screening test and no CVs need to be sent. Just sign up for free and go to the assignments of your choice. As you write and do well you get promoted and the earnings can double literally. The payment is through Paypal and you can opt to be paid weekly, bi-monthly or monthly, the choice is yours.

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I would like to discuss a paid-to-post site:
paid to post means that you will be paid to write a few sentences in response to a discussion thread that you may find interesting enough to respond to. The accumulated earnings is paid through Paypal, if you have crossed the payout threshold of 10$USD. Paypal is free to sign up and one can withdraw earnings to the local bank account. Very simple and people do tend to spend a lot of time here as they interact and discuss anything under the sun. The earnings may not be huge but you can learn a lot of netiquette, just by posting here.
This is available to the international community and is a genuinely paying site. Very simple and no one bothers too much about poor English writing here. Anybody can make a few dollars here.
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