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how attached? I WOULD DIE FOR HER
any co-owners? nope
Character is from the story: The Gatekeepers

Stuff about her:

Age: late twenties//

Class: bodyguard//

Race: Elf

Relations with other characters? partner (later husband) of Crowley, Rodwhen; deceased father, Colleen; deceased mother

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How attached are you to him? I LOVE HIM! MINE!
From any stories? YES HE IS
Co-owners? nope ;)
Shipped with +Bena-chan's kami

(everyone seems to keep shipping him with their characters. DON'T FUCK THE DONKEY)

original designer: +acims

Info about him:
His age is unknown as fawn ages differently from humans.
Species: He is a donkey fawn, which isn't very common in the forest like terrain he grew up in.
Height: 6'5"
Class: Protector
personality: He tries to act mature. Acts stubborn, grows caring once he grows to know people.
He has a thing for flower crowns
Relations with other characters: Northern Forest guardian; father, Stern fawn mother, eight half sisters (different types of fawns and one half human), two full sisters (stubborn donkey gals). -A LARGE FREAKING FAMILY
S/O: Bisexual. But leans more towards the ladies

godammit the forest guardian just couldn't keep his dick in smh

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How attached are you? Quite a bit.
co-owners?: I give co-ownership to +Golden Day Dreamer ;^)

I'm the original designer lmao

Age: late twenties
S/O: Straight af

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Tristan Hemsworth
How attached are you? A LOT
Any co-owners? not at all
Is she from any story? Yes. She happens to be the main character of one

Any relations from any other characters? Jemal; lover

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How attached are you? I LOVE HER
Any co-owners? me myself and I
Is she in any of your stories? Not yet. I'm still developing her.
Original designer: +bucket Qυєєη

Specifics about her:
Age: 12
Where she lives: She lives in the hills of southern france with her family.
Relations with other Characters: She has six brothers and two sisters (all of which are still living).

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Amelia Bonehart
How attached are you? A LOT. LIKE A LOT
Any Co-owners? nope
Is she from a story? Not yet.

Original designer: IDK
I got her from +Musical Heart


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How attached am I to her? like very!
Story she is from: I'm currently working on a short storyline for her called witchful dimensions (name to change).
Any co-owners? nope

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How attached are you? A REAL HECKING LOT!
Any Co-owners? nope
Is she from a story? Yes but I don't have any name for it

Got her from +Copperbird

Will write down info about her later

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How attached are you? A lot.
Any co-owners? nope!

I got her from +Copperbird

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Kat Marigold
How attached are you? QUITE A BIT
Co owned with +Marîgold
any story they are from? nah
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