Wants a strong slave girl who enjoys everything I'm willing to pay whatever cost

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(( Guys Only, Must be okay with Pregnancy, Magic, and Punishment.))

I was always seen as a freak. Probably because I'm a witch, I'm seen as a creation of the devil to destroy mankind, mate with monsters. Most witches are burned at the stake or drown but I was a special case. I was roughly tied to a stone cross with metal rope and nails designed to hurt. Now I wasn't unable to use magic cause it was a cross, I was unable to use magic cause stone is immune to magic. At the slave market I was auctioned to be a slave to my buyer. You had the most money. You went up to me and you ...

[[A] Started to strip, removing my panties.*

[B] pulled out a knife and started to cut me free

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Looking for a master......
5" 4
Willing to do anything to please my master

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Nickname:chair(the reasons are obvious)
Sexuality:straight(he does accept futas)
Likes:being humiliated,being loved and having a happy mistress
Dislikes:bodily fluids and forced dominance
Bio:he was sold by his mom when he was 2 then transferred from market to market
Other facts: he has a bad studdering problem and is extremely scared of punishment tools.he does talk back sometimes but is usually obedient.he has been cursed so that if his mistress so wishes anything put in his butt will hurt like It's the first time,and being hit in the balls will hurt 4 times more than normal.

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One day when you are walking through the woods you find me pinned to a large tree and chained to a metal part deep in the woods where it's always dark, when you go a little to far in. My once beautiful soft, white wings are now an ugly and rusted red from dried blood. I have sweat, blood and bruises on my face from abuse and I am barely conscious. You first ask if I'm ok but you only get a soft and tired whimper in response. You move closer to me with slow and careful steps...

(Male needed)
(Rp in the first person)
(Must be a dominant and caring master)
(Rp on hangouts)
(Fast replies)
(No text talk)
(No one liners)
(Keep it interesting)
(Be somewhat descriptive)
Name: I have no name, master gets to pick
Species: angel, part neko
Ability: can control water
Personality: clingy, quiet, sweet, caring, submissive, emotional
Likes: rainy days and thunder storms, when it's chilly and dark out, pet names, hugs, cuddles, stuffed animals, treats
Dislikes: being yelled at, loud noises, behind talked down to, making people upset, being alone
Sexuality: straight
Bio: I never knew who my parents were and was never around people I knew. I had to take care of myself on the streets but someone took me. I now live in an auction house to be sold to someone.
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I sit in my cage shaking with fear as my seller yells at me. He kicks the cage every few minutes

Seller: you're worthless! You can't even get a simply buyer to come near us

I say nothing as I continue to shake with fear

Seller: Look at me while I'm talking to you!

Me: c-can you p-please s-stop yelling I say as quietly as I can y-you might b-be the reason why you're not getting any c-costomer

Seller: what was that!?

Me: n-nothing... I continue to speak quietly

Seller: I thought so!

the seller continued to yell at me while you stood behind him waiting for him to turn around

Me: b-behind y-you

Seller: speak up!

Me: l-look b-behind you

the seller turns around

Seller: oh! Hey would you like to purchase this fine neko! She's only 12000! Cheaper than others that you would find here! Most of them range from 20 to 25k! She's a 20 year old virgin. She's been passed from slave market to slave market but was always shrugged off. Would you like to purchase her?

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(I forgot the pic the first time)
Name: Niome
Species: Neko
Age: 20
Gender: Female
Sexual Orientation: bi
Personality: kind, can be clumsy, may deny commands (very rare chance), curious and some other traits that you have to discover for yourself
Height : 5'9"
Weight : 109 lbs
Bio: "i-im really sorry b-but this is only for my master/mistress to know..sorry.."

Bid begins at $12,000

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Need a master to rp wit me.

Name: Aura

Nicknames anything


Sexual orientation Bisexual

Weight 100 lbs

Age 14

Height 5 ft 6

I do what my master wants with me

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I'll just go ahead and repost this here.
”Shouldn’t you be happy?”

[ Name ] Eugenie Akihiko.

[ Age ] 24

[ Species ] Demon.

[ Sex ] Male.

[ Sexuality ] Homosexual.

[ Position ] The male does not care when it comes to terms with the two, he’ll just make sure he gets what he wants.

[ Slave/Pet Preference ] Eugenie will try to move his slave to his preferences. But he will push them back if his pet was to get too comfortable, he does not want them to get accustomed or “used” to these things. A sensitive slave is better to please. A persistent slave won’t quite do the same.

[ Appearance ] Picture down below. His attire usually consists of a blouse, black pants, or even a suit.

[ Specialty/Kinks ] He is willing to do most of anything to his slave, his preferred likes consist of teasing, bondage, and maybe a little blood play.

[ Improbable Kinks ] Scat, watersports.

[ Occupation ] Works for a human company, supposedly large.

[ Likes ] A responsive slave. Allowing a pet's voice to be heard. Ropes, and seeing his pet covered in markings or bites.

[ Dislikes ] A talkative, incompetent slave. No response, or stubbornness.

[ Personality ] Eugenie is considered quite the quiet male, a little hot-headed too. Willing to push the limits to prove another wrong of their statements. Being so, it is unlikely for him to find any romantic taste in a slave and can get stubborn with some. You can trust me, when in public with his slave. He will not change.

[ Bio ] Being a demon, Eugenie was quite the lustful man. And wanted less than a relationship. Something he could have complete power over, something that he’d be able to trap in his hands and throw away at any time of need. Woman were distasteful, less of a fun time to him. He slowly found the sensation of what he always wanted. And will never turn away from it.

Forgive me if I worded myself wrong on a few paragraphs, I’ll be occasionally fixing things. Sincerely, Goat.
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