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Just playing around with toon boom...

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Hey everyone hope you all are surviving the winter !  I am starting this first post to see how many people are interested in playing the sculpt and paint game. If you are interested in the game here is how it works and as well please see the poll in this groups to let us fellow artists know if your interested in more games like this for fun, to meet other artists and as well get more exposure to your skill set and your artistic persona.  

So The first game I will start you will need Zbrush for as well maybe a few other programs during different stages of the game.

 You will also need a cloud drive from either google drive, sky drive / one drive or drop box. Though for this game lets go with Google or MS One/Sky Drive If you only have drop box and insist on not signing up or using one of the others then for this round I will transfer stuff if needed for others.

And well the final step one person starts with the begining of a sculpt / bust / figure or object. For example a basic shape or model, then next it will be passed to the next person that continues to add detail, form and shape. The next person as well will continue to shape form and detail the object or entity etc  .... Then it gets passed on and on till it is ready for the final editing , texturing , rendering etc ,...   Till we get a finished model ....

There is no winner and the time that is spent is aprox and hour with each person playing the game. You can and should pass on any sort of brush, specialized alphas, color tables and charts etc ... as you work on the object ,,, each time when re saving the model adding your last name on it when you re-upload to the cloud drives folder. There can be variations all along the way or it can be more free for all ...  Lets try and keep times structured, renaming correct and as well the finished piece is considered open source though all name will be to finished models ... Also the pieces / subtools / accompanying files should be kept at a manageable size.  Though seeing that some have much higher powered computer systems and workstations then others. If you do not have a fast and powerful system that cannot handle more then 10 million polys please make sure that you are in the start of the game because if you are not eventually you may get a high definition model that will crash you out and lose the work and time you are using in the game.

Also lets be sure that if you use a turn that you do not go over time or you will be skipped over and the last spot will revert back to the previous artist.  Also once the piece of work gets to a solid model we will begin in the end game where we start the finshing touches whether its working on the textures in programs like photoshop or xnormal or topogun or well maya or max or blender and at that point the mesh may be saved out as objects colladas etc depending on where we go with the piece ... Also whatever this develops into ... as we may be able to start up more threads of items , objects and characters that in end gets used in a scene as well that again everyone will have a part in.  If this becomes popular with others I will set up a group that we can take the game to besides these I am contacting you in and while we are in these groups please keep object for each sculpt and paint game in its own respective thread.  The whole goal is to work with many artists as if you were working on a pipeline for a game, movie or concept piece that is to go until it is ready for the team render and as well the folder will be open so we people can do renders out of the said game piece / folder. If needed we can protect the folders near the end if there are any issues.  But no matter what for the first one lets keep it at and hour per turn .... seeing  if we do a scene with multiple games going again please be sure to keep it organized. Also lest keep this to working on computers with at the very least 3 gigs of ram preferably 4 or more. Keep the different subtools as low poly as possible if not in the high detail stages, use only the current version of Zbrush 4 R6 with the updates installed, and as we go into say maya, max and blender stage at that point we will figure out a good way to do the finishing workflow. Also if help is needed there is zbrush hangout where there are always good artists working live, and you can always get some others in a hangout to help with different stages in the process. here .... If you do not have Zbrush 4 r6 well then please do not take a turn as you will have issues with the files.  

So I will start this on a different thread but this is how it will work

So reply to this post , with the times you would be available , the ram your systems resources have, the version of zbrush you are using, as well your skills besides sculpting and modeling and the programs you use ... as well whether you have google drive, sky/one drive , and if you would like to be in multiple game threads (otherwise would you like to start on the bust body model, a object used in the piece etc  ....

Also last but not least feel free to screen video cap, screen shots and quick render the stages of the development and post those in the game thread for he piece that you worked on .... If this works well next time in say a few weeks we will start at concept sketch phase and go through it from start to beginning with a different work flow ....  Also till it gets to detail stage keep it symmetrical and if you mess up start it back at the point its passed to you etc ... so if it is zombie_kens.ztl  and you mess up re-download zombie_kens.ztl  make your changes and then add your last name instead of kens.ztl when you re-upload.  otherwise you will write over someone else work which is unacceptable. This will be done through about 5 different artists groups I run and before we start I will post the details on each one and where the clouds that the items are stored etc ....

Well I need to put more time into this community sorry for the lack of time ... our group on facebook is growing at a much much faster rate

Well have you ever built in a virtual world ?  Here is a blog I started for mesh design and building via a vrml world

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This also shows workflows of mesh in 3d world, clothing design in 3d for second life via zbrush, blender and avastar and other tools

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Great concept images

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just to give you and idea I have about 7 other groups with close to a thousand artists so far and as well a number of websites that I will list here and use to feed the groups, bring clients and promote us all as best possible. I started the freelance artist wanted groups this last summer and as well built the websites this fall starting with   it is getting some decent traffic come through it daily and is also linked to a game design and artist based site as well as a concept artist site as well as the facebook groups and the linked in groups. I work for one of the major video game platforms though I cannot say which in public I can always talk via chat about things of that nature. I will begin the artists hangouts this weekend and as well create a calender for them and you can also add schedules for them in the freelance website using the events system. I will make a video of promoting ones self as a freelance artist this week and post to everyone in the FB groups etc !
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