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Hi all,

unfortunatly, due to many changes in my life i don't have the time to work on my android wear apps anymore for now and i don't know when it will change.

If anybody is interested in buying the source code let me know.


Can you please send me an invite for the SWApp Launcher Wear Beta.
Thank you

Hi everybody,

as you might already know, a few month ago my Google Play Publisher account has been terminated because of an app about Pokemon Go i had published.

I'm not allowed to open a new account myself.

So i'm looking for somebody who will host my apps on his dev account.

Until then i won't be able to provide you with updates.

So i you have a dev account and are ok to host my android wear apps (no pokemon apps of course) or if you don't have one but are willing to open one (in this case i would pay you the account opening fee) let me know.

i wish you all an happy new year !


Can I launch an app on the smartwatch using the phone?

Can I get an invite please?

+Cyril Preiss​ lease can you send me an invite for the beta testing for this application...thank you 

Could I get an invite please?

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The first app to allow you to have your watch face change automatically when you choose.

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