Dobry den,
Tez mate nekdo problem s nacitanim grafu? Nevidim vubec zadne.

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New update is rolling out.
Among many bug fixes and reliability improvements, this update brings news related to the particular stock.
Check out this version on Google Play and let me know what you think!

Chtel bych se zeptat zda lze z ceske burzy vyradit telefoniku? Jeji nulove obchody uz me esteticky vadi :-)

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New beta version was uploaded to Google Play and should be available to beta testers.
Among several bug fixes you can see some improvements for charts :)
Give it a try and let me know if there are some issues.

Dobry den, chtel bych se zeptatvzda se planuje delsi historie dat nez 1 rok? Napr. 2 ci 3 roky? Dekuji

Dobry den, pouzivam vas program denne a nasel jsem par napadu, ktere by staly za uvahu.
1) Pridani moznsoti mit ucet, kde by jsem mohl jak nakupovat tak prodavat dane akcie vcetne vyvoje v grafu daneho uctu.
2) Tez by bylo fajn mit moznost jak akcie koupit tak i prodat. Prave pro ucely ziskani penez na ucet.
3) Tez graf vyvoje portfolia v case, kde by bylo videt maximalni drowdown a tez maximalni ziksy atd.
4) Kdyz budou videt podily akcii na danem portfoliu v case, tak to bude super. :-)



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New version is available for beta testers. If there are no problems,  it will be promoted to regular update for everybody.
No new features are present since last beta, just some bugfixes and better compatibility with KitKat.

To get access to the beta versions, you need to be in this community and then join the beta group here:

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Welcome to the official community for users of Stocks Tracker for Android! 

I will announce new features and versions here and I will be happy to gather some feedback about the application - bugs or suggestions are welcomed.

You can become a beta tester too. As a beta tester you have access to new features earlier. Check out the link in description.

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1.0.5 beta is available for testers. 

Beta version includes compatibility fixes for android 4.4.
Some screens have been redesigned - check out the new portfolio :-)
In general, stability was improved and several bugs has been fixed.

Become a beta tester and give this version a try :)
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