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[1] How Sin( ) is a measure of how perpendicular two objects/ forces are.

[2] How cos is a measure of how parallel two forces/ objects are.

[3] i = Rotation by 90 degrees. i^2=Rotation by 180 degrees.
i^3 = Rotation by 270 degrees.
i^4= Rotation by 360 degrees.

[4] Transpose of a Matrix = Rotation by 180 degree.

Transpose of (Transpose of) a matrix = Rotation by 360 degrees.

[5] e^i(angle) = rotation by that angle.

[6] sin(30) = 1/2 because at 30 deg the influence of a force/object reduces to half.

For example the shadow of a stick reduces to 1/2 at 30 deg.

[7] A x B = |A| |B|sin(angle btwn A & B).

total combined impact in cross product depends upon.. . . . .
how strong A is
how strong B is.
How perpendicular A and B are w.r.t each other.

e.g A ball hitting a wall will produce max impact at 90 deg.

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Teach children the long and short /I/ vowel sounds by creating individual vowel books. This is a fun reading and writing activity that reinforces literacy skills.    #vowels    #phonics       Activity  is shown on
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Tomorrow, April 8th is International Day of Pink. Spread the word and share your support for anti-bullying by wearing pink.

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Do you know the Shapes that make up a Watermelon? 
Click here to watch & find out with this new and super fun Shape-A-Majigs episode!
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Interdisciplinary Projects can add zing to your classroom and enhance learning.  Learn about the problems, and get examples from this blog.  Please read my blog, comment on it and share it with others.

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Do you have some reluctant readers in your class? Explore some methods of increasing their recreational reading. Read my blog, comment on it and share it with others.

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