My Synology DS918+ is reporting an urgent security change for my ssh login.
"Change the port from the default 22 to something else. "

Changing the port in the Synology is simple but don't know how to change the port I log in with via Powershell. I am assuming I need to change the port somewhere in the Powershell program?

Has there been a new site location to replace Twit KH community? Does Twit want to adopt us from KH in some form factor?

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I have a question due to the price I'll probably just buy a battery for my laptop. It's an ASUS X550VX. However, I was thinking. Could I rebuild the battery and make it better then if I bought a battery for it. I understand the risk of opening up the battery of a laptop. Also if it's better to buy where should I get one for it. Thanks the old one died a 1 year ago. Thanks for any input

This could be a long shot but... Has anyone got the STL files from episode 225 (the baby air purifier), please? The show notes point to a 404 from the Dropbox big wipe disaster (when Dropbox deleted a lot of the show's files). I need to make a quick air filter for a project and this would fit the bill perfectly.
Thank you.

I've started a project to put a Adafruit FONA Feather inside my old Western Electric Model 2500 phone.

At this point, I've managed to get the handset working and I have a plan for the ringer.

What I'm trying to do now is interface with the original keypad. It's a standard 35 type pad (3x4) and I have various schematics for the whole phone system, but I'm not quite getting my head around which of the eight wires power it and which one(s) to use to listen to the tones.

I have a couple DTMF ICs and a breakout board somewhere, but finding the right wires is my stopping block and I don't have the knowledge/tools to diagnose this on my own. And I don't know the right terms at this point for a deeper search.

I'm betting that there is a couple old-school telephony folks on here that can help.

Here's some of what I've found:

The easy ditch would be to just use a more updated, all-digital keypad, but I'm trying to use as much of the original components as I can.

Assuming +Fr. Robert Ballecer, SJ is "lurking" on the forum once in a while... Our local police force's unmanned aviation support group (Wiltshire Police UASG) came to visit the explorer scouts unit I run (14-18 year olds) tonight. We had one of our little quads the explorers are really proud of but they have some far bigger very cool gear indeed. Amazing to hear the difference UAV are making to law enforcement for a fraction of the cost of police helicopters. In turn, allowing the few police helicopters in the UK to focus on calls where they are really needed. Everyone loved it and learnt lots from it. Gale force winds + rain meant we could not fly or enjoy the thermal imagery but we'll definitely do something again in the spring. Race between police quadcopters and explorer scouts, DIY built quads?
Padre - it's all your fault by the way.... :-)

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I had been wondering if this would work for a few years, and finally got around to testing it. Not particularly useful, but you can make a brushless motor using a hall effect sensor (one that has a high enough switching frequency), a mosfet and an inductor acting as an electromagnet. Runs pretty well on 3 volts, and I tested it with a 2032 coin cell.

I'm going to make up a PC board so all the components can be soldered cleanly and 3D print the armature and top bracket. Should make a good soldering project for my son and his friends. I'll post all the files once I have it ready... I should be able to get that done before Google+ shuts down :(

I'm already thinking about a more advanced version that would use something like a Tiny85 to read the hall sensor, calculate the RPM, optimize the timing and activate the mosfet. I could also use a series of surface mount inductors around the circumference. Should be a good project once my son is up for surface mount soldering!

Now that G+ is shutting down, where do we go?
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