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The simplified magickal system

I have tried over and over to fit magick into a game-based ruleset. It just doesn't work.

So instead of bringing the game to the magic, I will bring the magic to the game by simplifying it alot.

There are 3 tiers of magic

Initiate: The mage has learned to push the boundaries of normality, and can cause subtle, but definite changes to his or her reality.

Initiate level of magic allows a person to cast simple spells which remain within the realm of plausibility.
Examples: Healing the sick or wounded, Improving accuracy, removing fear, causing plants to wilt within hours.

Adept: Adepts are much more rare than inititates. They are the definition of a high fantasy spellcaster and can perform much greater feats.
They cannot break the laws of nature, but can cause unplausible things to happen.

Example: Causing an object to freeze by removing the heat and placing it somewhere else. Turning physical stamina into a pure telekinetic force. Creating ice by cooling the water molecules in the air.

At this stage, an adept can basically manipulate the conversion of energy freely.

Master: Adepts are bound to the rules of this world. Masters are not.

Oftentimes a master will be mistaken for a God.
Honestly, there isn't much difference.

Masters can freely do anything, so long as their belief system allows it.

Example: A Hermeticist can summon steel out of thin air, but his belief system requires him to create it out of celestial energies.

A Witch can cause an earthquake, but the Law of threefold return means that any harm done will be reflected on to them.

Chaos Mages have a different restriction. They have no ordered beliefs like a normal mage, so they can only use Master level Magick by performing the Augoeides.
Sigil magick and Servitores are an indirect method of performing Master level magick, but each have their own price.
(Sigils take the path of least energy, and Servitores can turn on their masters)

Thus, the Godlike powers of the Masters are hobbled by their own belief systems.

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ATTENTION EVERYONE!!! I have received confirmation that Google Plus will be permanently shut down in a matter of months. We must prepare for this now. I have replicated "Guardians of Jhorniin: Epic Fantasy RP" on a server on Discord. Anyone who wants to continue being a member of this community must create an account on Discord if they don't already have one and join the server. IT'S FREE!!! so you don't have to worry about any kinds of costs or fees. <-- Here's the link to the server.

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The Discordians

'All hail Eris! All hail Discordia'

Symbol: Generally, a Golden Apple, or the words 'Kallisti'.

Bio: Discordians are a group of individuals who laugh at the pathetic attempts of people who try to manage an 'Ordered' world.

The universe's order was spawn forth from chaos, and as such obeys the whims of the chaos.

Discordians preach that disorder is far more pleasurable and more stable than what human beings concieve to be order.

'Like how Osirians never feel the heat, while Imperials can sweat their bollocks off, we discordians thrive in the forces of chaos, and feel no pain, while the ordered world which was made on a whim, continues to collapse on itself'
-Pope Doorhandle, pope of the Eastern Golden Apple Corps.

1. There is no Goddess but Goddess and she is your Goddess. There is no Discordian movement but the Discordiam movement and it is the Discordian movement. And every Golden Apple Corps is home to the Golden Worm

2. A Discordian shall always use the Discordian numbering system

3. A Discordian is Required during his early Illumination to Go Off Alone & Partake Joyously of a Hot Dog on a Friday. (The rest of the law has been forgotten, as no one knows what a 'Hot Dog' is)

4. A Discordian shall Partake of No Hot Dog Buns, for Such was the Solace of Our Goddess when She was Confronted with The Original Snub.
('The original snub' is a discordian version of 'the original sin'. See the post made for Eris for more details)

5.A discordian is prohibited from believing what he/she reads.

The 5th law is self contradictory, and thus a discordian is given free pass to do whatever the hell they like.

Societal Standing:
Many ordered governments in the world, especially the Imperium, have branded Discordians as a terrorist organisation.

For the most part, however, they can be seen as pranksters who revel in creating chaos.

These pranks are known as 'Jakes'. Jokes which turn the ordered world on its head and makes them realise their own follies.

One extremely famoud Jake was the incident in a gate outside the Imperium capital.
A Gold coin was given to pay the toll for entering the capital.

But the coin had the words 'Counterfiet' written on it.
The coin itself was completely real, and the Discordian testified it as real.
It was even measured on a weighing scale, and was found to be real

So the guard was stuck in a dilemma. Should he take the coin that was obviously not counterfiet, and be punished for take a coin that said it was counterfiet, or should he refuse to take the coin despite it being obviously real.

The guard called his superior, who called his superior and so on and on until there was a court case with over 120 officers bearing witness.

The court ruled in favour of Discordian.

This debacle held up traffic in the main gate of the capital so much that the whole capital suffered severe trade losses. All over a single coin.

Ultimately, none of the Discordian's 'Jakes' are particularly illegal.

Darker side of a Discordian

Not all Discordians practice chaos magick, but most do.

It is a way of laughing at the ordered nature of magic in general, where people have more faith in the dogmas of their own magical system than in the power they have within.

Discordian Mages are the terror of Tyrants and Dictators accross Jhorniin.
Since they can topple a Monarchy using a clever combination of their Jakes and their spells, most Discordian Mages operate under the shadows.

As such, the steriotypical image of a discordian mage is a dark hooded figure that stalks around the forests at night.

(Will probably rewrite this soon)


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Chaos Mage

A chaos mage is also known as a Chaote.

Chaos mages use the forces of chaos, instead of other mages who use already established forms of order to perform magic.

As a result, Chaos Magicians have a large untapped potential of magic at their disposal, compared to other forms of magic.

The drawback however is that a chaos mage do not have vast stores of magical knowledge to call upon. The Chaos they control manifests itself differently in each person.

As such, a person can be shown how to do chaos magick, but never taught.
The learning has to be between the aspirant and the Chaos.

Eris is the patron Goddess of Chaos Magick, though not all Chaos Magicians worship her or even acknowledge her existence.

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'Everyone rolls a dice when they decide to do something. Some people practice their entire life trying to control the dice, some even succeed.
I just add more dice.'

Name: Andryw. No last name.

Alias: Malaclypse the Third

Skills: Chaos Magick(Initiate). Surviving in the wilderness.

Items: A copy of Principia Discordia, which he is almost always holding. A backpack full of standard survival gear, knives, ropes, and canbas to make a tent.

Equipment/Weapon: Tattered Otherworldly robe, Sacrificial Dagger made of hardened obsidian.

Occupation: Proffessional Basketballer Wandering mage.

Race: Human, I think

Bio: 'When I first came to, I realised 3 things.

One. I could not remember anything about myself except my first name.

Two. I was missing my left arm.

Three. A strange Otherwordly creature was choking me to death as he lifted me up in the air.

Not a great start.

The creature was ugly, with tentacles coming off of its head and out of the sleeves of his robe.

I tried to fight it but it simply tossed me around using some sort of invisible force.

As it cornered me and drew an obsidian dagger to kill me, I started to laugh.

Here I was, defending a life I had no memory of.

Why was I trying so hard to live? For all I knew, I had a severe illness that would kill me tommorow.

My laughter was joined by another voice. A voice that came from the sky. A woman's voice.

Words appeared on the ground.
I couldn't read all of them, but some of them i could read.

They read: _'Principia Discordia'_

The creature screetched and dropped his dagger frantically trying to erase the words using his power.

But the words kept reforming. I took his dagger and I hit him with it.

Somehow, I managed to sever his arm.
He screeched at me and used some sort of spell to dissapear.

I took his robe, his dagger and his arm as the spoils of war.

I tried to attach his severed arm to the stump of my left arm and the voice started to laugh again.
I stitched the arm to my elbow. I couldn't move it, obviously. But later a week later, somehow, that voice had been amused enough to allow me to regain a lost arm. She even made the arm more human-looking.

I copied the words on the ground onto a book.

Now I travel around the world, looking for clues as to what happened that day.

From the Principia Discordia, I learned that the voice was actually Eris, the Goddess of chaos.

The book also detailed how to perform Chaos Magick.
That was the day I took the name of Malaclypse the third, after the name of Malaclypse the younger, who was responsible for spreading the Principia Discordia all around the world.

I spent the rest of my life wandering around in the forests of Jhorniin, fending for myself.
Occasionally I would find a town or a village in need of my services. And that is how I made a living.'

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Eris, Goddess of Chaos

Godess of: Discordian movement, Chaos, Chaos magick.

Symbol: The Golden Apple.

Bio: Long ago, when the Gods and Godesses of the world came toghether to a banquet, the Godess of Chaos was not invited.

This event is called 'The original Snub'.

Angry, but cunning, the goddess took a Golden apple and carved the words 'Kallisti' into it.

In their language, it meant 'To the prettiest one'.

The apple was thrown into the banquet.
All the Godesses fought over it, even dragging the Gods, who were their lovers into the fight.

The rest of the story has been lost, but legends say this sparked the worlds first war.

Societal Standing: Though often portrayed as a figure of Destruction and strife, many Discordians recognise her as a cunning prankster, rather than a goddess of chaotic wrath.

Eris enjoys freedom, most of all, and she likes it when people also slough off the chains of order, created by society.

She hates tyrants and dictators, and her wrath has reached many kingdoms in the past.

She is playful and cunning, but her anger is unrivalled.

Many say that she is responsible for creating our world from the messy soup of chaos.

Regardless of whether or not she is the creator, she is easily among the oldest Godesses in existance, and very very powerful.

New spell list: Chaos Magick

Chaos magick, in game terms, would be a 'summoner/utility' style mage, with their ability to create and grow various servitores to assist in battle. Their sigils are also multipurpose and are a powerful utility spell.

They have a virtually limitless array of power in the form of their sigils and their servitores.
Their biggest weakness is that without their sigils or servitores, they have no other tools to fight with.

Servitores can be exorcised like any other spirit, rendering them vulnerable, despite having an almost unlimited amount of power.

Another barrier is time. Servitores and sigils take time to grow and become stronger.
As a scale, you can say that every day a servitore or sigil exists, its power increases by half of its total power.

A chaos magick starter. Almost every chaos mage knows this.
It allows a desire to be jumbled up into an utterly nonsensical sigil, and be cast into the chaos.

It can be seen as planting a seed and watching it grow. The effects are minor, generally taking the form of coincidences
However the coincidences can stack up to cause great changes.

Stronger sigils can be made which can do Adept and Master level of magic. But a sigil will generally always take the path of least energy required.

Servitore Creation
Create a being formed from the chaos of your own mind.
This being can perform simple tasks for you.
It is as weak as a sigil at first, but grows in power over time.

The servitore is a spirit, and can do things other spirits can do, such as possession, poltergeist activity and becoming visible to scare people.
Servitores can merge with a person and grant them the powers of a servitore.

It has other powers which depend on the way the servitore is created.

If it is created to be like a demon, it may have demonic powers like creating flames or causing terror.

If it is created like an animal, it may be able to grant people the gifts of that animal, such as limited flight, speed, strength, far vision etc.

Servitores can be made to resemble anything, and can in theory perform anything.
However servitores can grow malicious towards their owner if they become too powerful.

Servitores that are given obedient personalities will not harm their user, but will never try and stop the user from doing something wrong, because they cannot raise their voice against their masters.

Servitores that have emotions and feelings may decide to protect their masters of their own volition.
This is useful of the master is being enthralled against their will. The servitore can disobey the master's orders and try to break the spell that has them enthralled.

Enter a powerful state of trance that gives you near unlimited power.
This state allows you to copy any power you have seen before, even divine power.

This is done by annihilating one's own personality, and becoming 'one with the universe'.
You no longer have any feelings or emotions which are seperate from the universe. Hence even your mere thoughts can bend reality.

This comes at the cost that the longer this state is maintained, the higher your chances of turning into a potato.

Your personality will be continually annihilated in order to fuel the trance.

This ability is exclusive to people who have reached the peak of their chaos magick. In order to reach that level, you have to match a master level mage using only your servitores and sigils.

If you defeat a mage in this manner, the Goddess of Chaos, Eris, will visit you in a vision and teach you the method to Augoeides.
Sometimes Augoeides will be taught to you, but without the visitation of Eris. This is generally a bad omen. A sign that Eris believes that the fight was not 'chaotic' enough

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❝I will stand before anyone who wishes to harm the weak. I am not a coward, and will not shy away from any challenge.❞

❈||● Basic Information ●||❈
【 Name 】

”I don’t see much importance in sharing my actual name, perhaps because I’ll be remembered as “ The Nightingale” rather than Jocelyn Pentaghast to the world.”

【 Alias 】

”I didn’t want this title, it was given. I am known amongst these lowly folk as “The Nightingale”.”

”A title that seems to give them hope when they hear it, as I offer the common man protection.”

”In return for protecting these people, I became somewhat of a legend to them.”

【 Biological Age 】

”These parties, “Birthdays” they call them, aren’t important to anyone except the rich and powerful. I care not for these parties, but I do still keep track of my age.”

”My mother told me that with every passing of Autumn, I am a year older.”

”So, that would make me twenty eight years old, I believe.”

❈||● Body & Physique ●||❈
【 Species/Race 】

”Human as the day I was born.”

【 Hair Color 】

”A dark brunette, almost black depending on the amount of light.”

”My mother and I could be mistaken for twins, had we both been alive at this age.”

【 Eye Color 】

”Blue, much like my fathers.”

【 Physical Condition 】

”I’m frequently in the heat of battle, or perhaps I’m training my mind or body with a task. I don’t have time, nor interest in doing anything else.”

”I’m quite healthy, and have the strength to wield my sword and wear my armor with little challenge.”

【 Skin Tone 】

”An olive white, like most Imperial women.”

【 Deformities/Alterations 】

”None, besides an aching in my knee I get from time to time when sitting for too long.”

【 Scars/Markings 】

”I’ve got multiple scars, most noticeably on my right eyebrow. It was during an Orcish raid, I was resting there for the night and luckily was able to aid the men of the village and drive them off.”

”While saving a young woman, I barely managed to parry a blade that would’ve ended her life.”

”The blade was curved, and when I caught the Orc’s blade it curved around my own sword and was able to glide against my face.”

”It wasn’t too terrible, and with some stitches from the local nurse I was quite alright.”

【 Height 】

”I’m not quite sure the exact measurements, but I stand taller than most Imperial women.”

【 Weight 】

”Again, I haven’t the slightest idea; However, I’m healthy and agile.”

”I’ve not a roll on my body, and my stomach is lined with muscle.”

❈||● Mental Health ●||❈
【 Personality 】

【 Enigmas/Mental Afflictions 】

”Often, I dream of my mother and father. It pains me, deeply. I lost them both during a raid of our village. My father, was killed. My mother, was raped and killed during childbirth.”

”I despise the Orc Race and their hideous spawn. I especially hate the damn half-brother spawn that the village showed pity to.”

”If I would’ve had my way I would’ve killed it, then marched to where the beasts responsible lived and slaughtered them all.”

【 Likes 】
Sappy Romance Novels
Trivia, Mind Games and Cards

【 Dislikes 】
Orcs And Half-Breeds
Rape, Pillaging and Raiders
Doesn't trust people from foreign lands or anyone who wields Magick

【 Faiths/Views 】

”Protect those who cannot protect themselves.”

【 Intelligence Level 】

”I was raised well enough, I can read and write, as well as read maps.”

❈||● Equipment & Gear ●||❈
【 Clothing/Attire 】

”You won’t find me out of my armor on most days.”

【 Weaponry 】

”It was a gift from my Grandfather, a rather large long-sword.”

”I call it Dusk.”

【 Armor 】

”A sturdy dark set, fitting for my title.”

【 Gold 】

”Enough to live on, not much more.”

【 Consumables 】

”Just a few slices of bread, a lamb-skin canteen and a few herbs that can be rubbed in wounds to reduce pain.”

【 Items of Interest 】

”My mother’s necklace, always on my person.”

❈||● Biography & Details ●||❈
【 Strengths 】

(She trusts in her blade more than anyone, is quite clever and learns quickly.)

【 Flaws 】

(Can be quite the hot-head, screwing with her judgement and critical thinking.)

【 Skills/Abilities 】
➨ Combat Skills
↳ [ Expert ] Combat
↳ [ Adept ] Strategy
↳ [ Apprentice ] Healing (Crafting Bandages n’ things)

【 Alignment 】

(Lawful Good)

【 Class 】


【 Language(s) Spoken 】

”English, although learning a bit of Elvish has always interested me.”

【 Occupation 】

(A guardian of sort to local villages near her dwelling at her family home, they often give her gold and items in return, therefore she can also make a living off of it.)

(With her Uncles influence, she is also in somewhat of a “draft” for the Imperial army and will enlist if needed.)

【 Relationships 】

”None, I don’t have time for such things.”

【 Companions/Allies 】

”I often find myself in battle with the men of the village, but it’s only temporary.”

【 Biography 】

”There isn’t much to tell.”

”I was born on the outskirts of the Imperial City, amongst the peasants.”

”My father was a retired soldier turned farmer and my mother was a priestess.”

”I was raised well enough, and was never hungry.”

”The events I recalled earlier, happened when I was twelve.”

”I lost both parents, and began my training with my uncle who was a retired Imperial General.”

”I promised myself I’d never let something like this happen again to these people and I’d bring hell to those beasts who did this.”

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Hey everyone! I know it's been a long time since this community has seen any activity and I am sorry for that. I'm going back to school in a matter of days so I highly doubt I'll be available for RP any time soon either.
On a lighter note (from a certain perspective), I decided to painstakingly re-create my character, Wintergreen Raventhorne, in the Doll Divine LOTR scene maker. This version shows him corrupted by the power of Necromancy, as in my real life practice of Wicca and Occult Magic, I have begun to blur the lines between more traditional Wicca and Necromancy. I've experienced many synchronicities and shifts in my interests lately that have exposed a natural affinity for Necromancy within me. It is important to know that real life Necromancy is not inherently evil or corrupting as it is in most fantasy settings. I will not sacrifice my moral compass for any of my admittedly morbid interests. That said, it can be fun to be a more dark or sinister character in fantasy role play, ergo the creation of the picture below. I have not yet decided whether or not this new version of Wintergreen will be "Canon" or not, but if it does become Canon he will not be evil, only morbid, creepy, and admittedly one to enjoy some people's fear of him. (As is the same for me in real life, I actually like it when people are afraid of me sometimes.)

We recently got some new members, so I feel like we should get an RP going if any of these new members have characters they can use.
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