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well...irs has been a good run with this community...but now its time for a rest start a new world with new things and long and a good story...yes i won't lie we had so many good times here...but i think it is time i really do say good bye to this place....-ikke mobius 

i am sorry everyone..

Goodbye everyone, we had a nice run, but it's time to start anew.

Sorry that it has come to this, but we will make something new for you all.

Anyone around? Feeling lonely.

Anyone around?

It was Friday. At the children's school, a play is about to begin. All the parents and grandparents are going to watch the play. It was sunset.

+nintendeopokemon​ if they want to join in

Back at the house, Ivan's have come over to talk about their oncoming tour next week. They plan to invite Alex and her band to perform with them. They sit in the living room, waiting for Alex.



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The day after Ikke and Snow reunited
Night was in his house, making breakfast for his family. Sapphire and Ruby were watching the kids while Star was still sleeping in her gem form. The kids were running around and giggling as they were playing together
Sapphire and Ruby smile softly and laugh
Sapphire: Wow, they sure are hyper this morning.
Ruby nods in agreement
(+nintendeopokemon )
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