Selling 40k Gold

Kik: NilsPoXi

Hi. Didn't know this game still exits, anyways I'm thinking of coming back but in order to do that I need an account, so I'm WTB any of the latest rangers in the game and what I mean by latest is new gear lv 5 gems... New gems, new legend wep, paying around $200-$400 depending on the account anyways for the vouches I have you can ask anyone who was on or still on tear coast if "Supra" the ranger is legit and trustworthy. Thank you and comment below. Also if there's any other board for buying account invite me to it if you can ty.

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Should I give my lvl 70-73 accs for free away?
And don't pick yes just for getting a better account (maybe)
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Any vouchers?

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Suche Gruppe auf Klingehalle zum Farmen. Bin SG mage

Wtt my 9k gs tank for a Mage or ranger acc Kik Koby3211

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Wtb a Mage account with email I buy with gold pm

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