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Raptor Hunter 2.5 Premiere

Enjoy the continuing adventures with this episode:
Raptor Log

Kyle Sands: Raptor Hunter - Ep. 2.5 - "Raptor Log"

Featuring +Zack Abramowitz, +Joe Cummings and +Erica Camarano with myself as Jonah Goldberg 

#raptorhunter   #webseries  _Get the word out there through a Raptor_ +Reshare!

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The Tale of the HAIRCUT

Pre-VEGAS I got a nice trim and not since, have I let a hair come off my chinny chin chin head until ... Today!!

Goodbye mullet, trying to grow my hair to look like a rock star 6th grade plan
and HELLOOOOOOOOOO #rappa  ha!

Which hair did I have cut?! Your guess is as good as mine! 
Animated Photo

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Check out the original post to help us be on the Academy Awards RED CARPET:
Get Matt & Jane to the OSCARS hosting a HANGOUT ON AIR LIVE!

+The PLUStainment Show has its 1 year anniversary coming up and we are
going to do an +Oscars Special on Sunday, February 24, 2013!

It would be tremendous & a dream come true to do our show LIVE from the
 +Oscars RED CARPET talking to the nominees and guests while asking
as many of your questions as we can too in a #hangoutsonair !

If you want to see us connect to the #oscars  Red Carpet :
Help out by commenting on this post in favor
+Reshare, write your local PLUSperson and let's MAKE IT A REALITY!

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Winterstorm Nemo is fully here!

Here's some snow dancing for ya..
It's full of rappiness ... Well snowiness!

#blizzard #blizzard2013

This storm sponsored by Disney ;)

Well this community clearly rocks! Bonjour to two of the awesomest flavours of awesomesauce on G+ xxx

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Karate Kid PHOTO BOOTH in vegas!
Bringing the 1980's into 2013  #mattjanedovegas  

An amazing time at the Pinball Hall of Fame with +Jane Ellen and +Angie Person . . here's a great collection of some of our +H.I.R.L. moments!

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Do I look like THESE guys?! :)
Whadya think of all my brothers ?! One heckuva movie .. that'd be!

Movies rocking.... check out +Movie Mashup Tuesday, +International Movie Trailer Festival—IMTF, +MovieRiff & +Movie Pong!

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+Jane Ellen +matthew rappaport 
#mattjanedovegas baby!
Here is a brief, oh yes, brief, albeit bright and shiny slideshow of Las Vegas.

#lasvegas   #foodporn  

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Epic Concert with Taylor Hicks !

We had a blast !!!!!!!!!!!! for more vids
Taylor Hicks is an awesome performer and fun guy. 

Congrats to him on his show moving to a bigger venue at +Paris Las Vegas!

Enjoy us as we wait on line to get an autograph . . or give +1 ;)

Post Taylor Hicks concert

Taylor Hicks Red Carpet Highlights w/ Matt Rappaport & Jane Ellen at ACAwards
+Jane Ellen 

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ROCK AND ROLL fun +H.I.R.L. ing!!
+H.I.R.L. ing IN an Elevator ! ! 

Having fun in +Las Vegas with the awesome +Jane Ellen and +Angie Person !

Las Vegas H.I.R.L. In an elevator
#mattjanedovegas  @ JW Marriott Vegas / Rampart ! !
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