These are some of my poems I wrote, the one named I remember you I won first place in a poem contest in 2015.

I Remember You

I remember you
you sneak in thinking you have been missed
ever so quietly sliding across the floor
like a snake in the mist
I remember you
you think if I go very slow
they won't know I am taking hold
it's such a familiar place
surely they won't detect the change
but I remember you
maybe not at first
it might take a few days to figure out
or maybe I won't see you but others will
and they will tell me
or just maybe this time
I won't go to your grey dark mist
maybe this time
I will be stronger
and no bad words will come
maybe this time
I will win and you
will remember me
      Shannon Lanoue

Today Is Your Day Mom

Today is a good day
a sad, trying and extremely difficult but good day
today we celebrate the life of someone we love
share stories and laughter and tears
remember each and every special moment
it's a good day one of the best
it's a time for sharing
a time to reflect
to remember how special they are
amazed at how much they mean to everyone they knew
yes today is a great day
it's that one perfect moment
a cerebration to last forever
today is a very good day
                Shannon Lanoue

This is a story of my crazy friend Cyndi

standing on my cupboard painting away
not realizing how far the ladder has strayed
Help I say help I am stuck and can't get down
oh who will rescue me from falling to the ground
in walks my neighbor with a grin from ear to ear
smirking she answers well what have we here
I can help you she say's with a funny little grin
but first you must promise you will be my best friend
for you see I can tell that we are both about the same size
and my wardrobe has just doubled in size
oh how we laughed for the first time we met
I could tell right away all the trouble we could cause
so many memories of laughing so hard
feeling our heads bursting with idea's
filling our life with color and pause
time after time of being there
someone to laugh with someone who cares
crazy and fun and so full of life
amazing and shocking dancing and song
oh what great memory's
a life time can bring
      Shannon  Lanoue

Dragon Fly

In the still and quiet I think of you the most
it's a good feeling a sad feeling
it's a feeling beyond explanation
quietly slowly breathing being in the moment
I think of you
a flood of emotions  a shudder of a tear
remembering a moment so perfect and clear
I dream of those moments as I quietly sit
inhaling and exhaling a glimpse of the past
oh if only this moment would last
a true moment
a forever moment
so perfect it takes your breath away
like wings of a dragon fly
fluttering in the wind
soaring higher and higher
as graceful as an angel
I dream of these moments
till we meet again
           Shannon Lanoue

I Will

no I will not accept your apology
no I will not lower my standards to ease your guilt
no I will not cheapen my self by going to your level
no I will not give you my power
I will take responsibility for my mistakes
I will take responsibility for setting my standards high
I will raise myself to a higher level
I will keep my power
I will respect who I am
           Shannon Lanoue

My Journey

I am on a journey to myself
each step I take the closer I get
each breath I breath
the stronger I get
the journey is long
and the road is full of pot holes
each memory reminds me how far I have to go
each bend in the road I grasp to hold
there are rocks, hills and valley's
lies, truths and guilt
but each step I take brings me closer
each breath I breath make me stronger
each journey brings me closer
it begins with one step
        Shannon Lanoue

NO Words

Life is a blessing a wonder to behold
but the hardest part of life is letting it go
saying goodbye to someone you love
is one of life's biggest challenge
I never know what to say
you want to say the perfect words
the most important words you have ever said
but the words sometimes don't come
and the quiet is deafening
maybe the words aren't so important
maybe trying to hard is not what needs to be done
maybe just sitting there in the silence is enough
maybe the time through the years or day's are what's important
all the words that have been spoken and said
every second you have to spend together
I think that means the most
not the uncomfortable words
the desperate feeling to say it all
the words are there even if not spoken
the moments when the words are just not enough
sometimes the silence says it all
     Shannon Lanoue

Pauline's Poem

What do you say to someone who means the world to you
the memory's flood in like waves from the ocean
each thought brings a smile and sometimes a tear
though my memory is sometimes weak
there are times it sneaks up on me and I smile
remembering the laugh we shared or a secret told
reminds me of a rainbow of feelings amazing to behold
there is a place in my heart you will always have
never full always just enough room
for wonderful memory's each of us shared
together we make such a silly pair
I'll always remember
you will always be there
  Shannon Lanoue


They say with every fail in your life you learn a lesson
that ever step you take you become who you are
but just for once I wish I could step backwards
that the angry words and foul sentence can be replaced
because I know the triggers I know the danger signs
but I still pour filth from my mouth and wash myself in disgust
and walk away feeling the after blow
the worst part of it all is
before I have spit this foul taste of conversation
I know it's unworthy of me
I know in after thought it should not have been said
and that if I truly think about why I reacted this way
I will find that the faults of this other person being reflected on me
are the same faults that I despise of myself
when the reflection of the mirror is so damaging
the best thing is to walk away
before the mirror has a chance to crack
   Shannon Lanoue

Trish's Poem

Fabulous, crazy, wild and tame
caring, honest, truth and vain
loving, understanding and complex
heart, ears, eyes and voice
strong, powerful, protective and humble
companion, mother, lover and friend
these are the things I think of when
I think of a very special friend
years and years we have known
sharing and caring supporting and true
these are the things I think of you
   Shannon Lanoue

Who are you?

Who are you I ask myself
there you sit dripping with judgment
telling everyone what to think of me
how I look to you
putting the face of lies
you think you know me
you think you have been here
you think your opinion matters
who are you?
who gave you the right to judge me
you don't own me
you never will own me
but here you sit dripping with judgement
because you hurt me
you think you own me
because you took my power
you think I can't take it back
who are you?
never walk in my shoes
never feel how I felt
never paid for what you did
never hurt me ever again
who are you
  Shannon Lanoue

Word to Ponder

Stressed and depressed I sit here and ponder
what have I done in my life that has been a wonder
every day I judge myself by someone else standard
am I not good enough or strong enough or worthy
is it any wonder why I am the way I am
I have done some amazing things in my life
I have been someone amazing to someone else
but every day I judge myself and I seem to come up short
why is it that faults are so easy to remember
and greatness is forgotten
when you hear all your life that my opinion matters
you automatically put your own opinion away
funny how you think that someone other then you can live your life
control how you feel make all the decisions for you
and then wonder why you are depressed and weary
it's is time for me to move on
break the old habits and make a new
instead of living to someone else standards
live my life as my own
be strong enough to accept my weakness
accept that I am who I am and I am worthy
not give in to thinking I am a looser
realize that every day is mine and to do what I want with it
reach for a better understanding of myself
so on the day's I am stressed and depressed
I can still remember how amazing I am
   Shannon Lanoue

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