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Announcement: Moved to **

As announced last week, I've now set this community to "read-only" (as far as G+ will let me without outright deletion...) as it's been replaced by the community forum at

You can still join and post new topics, but all membership requests and posts will land in the moderation queue which will stay unprocessed! I'd rather do it that way than delete the community and lose everything shared in here forever. Sadly G+ doesn't seem to allow me to set this group to a proper read-only mode as far as I can see 😒

Please direct all questions, discussions, communications to going forward.

Thank you!
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Hello I am testing a filament encoder. This device set my 3d printer in pause if filament ends or nozzle obstrude. With octoprint the printer goes to pause after many seconds when I stop filament pushing. Is it octoprint buffer that must be executed before the pause signal is executed? I use marlinkimbra on radds arduino due. Thanks

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Would this be a good/recommended way to run multiple instances, perhaps sans the compose?

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Announcement: Moving to

OctoPrint finally has its own community forum:

The goal with this forum is to provide a consolidated one-stop-shop for all things related to OctoPrint (and OctoPi), be it for getting help with stuff, asking about how to implement certain things, discussing third party plugins or showing off your personal OctoPrint/3d printer setup. It will be what people will be referred to for getting questions answered, replacing the mailing list and this G+ community completely which I'll soon set to read-only for that reason. I've also just moved the FAQ there as well, to make it better searchable and less of a hassle to maintain.

It is possible to register there with a number of social accounts, so you don't have to remember yet another username/password combination.

I think this step is long overdue and will hopefully do a lot to make getting help, finding information and also just interacting with each other easier and more fun in the long run! I really hope I'll see you there!


I have a prusa i3 mk3 and have installed octprint on a raspberry pi 2.

if I run a print from sd card using octoprint the printer pause randomly until I hit the button on the control panel of the printer.

if I run the print from octoprint I get random layer shifts

if I disconnect octoprint then the file prints fine

any suggestions?


i want to run multiple instances of octoprint on one PC with Linux Mint 18.3. and the latest kernel (4.17 i think).
I tried 3 or 4 different setups, but none of them work.
Did somebody got it up and running?
I´m trying this for weeks


Here are the HowTos i used:

Hello i have a bq hephestos 2 and i startup print with gcode on octoprint and the nozzle gets overheat and wont startup print and with same gcode i can print from sd can anyone Help me

Fired up Octoprint today and got this in the log file:

2018-03-08 12:47:54,825 - octoprint.plugins.announcements - ERROR - Could not fetch channel _important from HTTPSConnectionPool(host='', port=443): Max retries exceeded with url: /feeds/important.xml (Caused by SSLError(CertificateError("hostname '' doesn't match ''",),))

And then other errors, consequently it didn't run. It was running earlier this week and no updates have been added to the Pi. It looks like an xml feed has broken. Is there a way around the issue to get Octoprint to run?

Does anyone run the room temperature plugin succsessfully on a raspberry pi 3? I'm getting a "octoprint.plugins.roomtemp - INFO - This is not a Raspberry Pi - Plugin halted" line on my logs and no temperature showing. Thanks.

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yeah, its as though the Raspbian is losing the connection from underneath the octopi program. I want to stick with octo, its quite user-friendly and I am familiar with its workings now.

Do you maybe have a link to the script that you spoke of or even just a youtube video you think would be helpful?

I appreciate your help with this.
I'm really hoping somebody can help. I'm tearing my hair out here...

I have octorint running on my Pi3 (Jessie) controlling a CR10. All was fine for a month or 2. Then, out of the nowhere the connection would start to drop at random times after selecting a print to start. Could be straight away, could be hours later. I lose connection on the Printoid app, i just get a server unreachable error. On the Octoprint WebUI all I get is:
"The server appears to be offline, at least I'm not getting any response from it. I could not reconnect automatically, but you may try a manual reconnect using the button below."

When i choose to reconnect, the page times out and the printer stops, homes the X and Y, kills the extruder and keep the bed at temp.

I have tried refreshing my hostname with my NoIP account in case it was an error with the Dynamic IP service, but it makes no difference at all.

Any advice you can give to get me going again would be great. Thanks
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