Anyone want to rp?
I'm up for almost anything: and willing to try most things

I am looking for a proper slave one who will do whatever i ask without question. (Must be willing to send and receive photos.) I am a very strict master who is very particular and kinky 

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Would any females like to do a roleplay with me?

You were a small girl,also overweight,you were also picked on because of your size,you.just wanted to quit life and everything,you've just moved to a new city and a,they treat you the same there,that was until i met you,i was the only person that didn't treat you bad

I've always had a crush on you,but it was hard to keep it a secret,considering that you came to my house and slept there alot,you had a slight crush on me too though,it was hard to keep us away from eachother also,you were at school and one of my friends grabbed you and told you about my crush on you,that night you've decided to come over and confess
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Name: terminal
Species: hedgehog and fox but physical appearance is hedgehog
Age: ???
Side: master
Insanity: can go crazy when under pressure

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Name: Starlight
NickName: Star
Age: 19
Appearance: Pink Hair, Purple/blue Eyes, 5'0
Gender: Female
Slave/Master: Slave
Bio: Unknown, she forgot since she was in the market

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Name: techiro
Nicknames: tech,techno,technology
Side: master
Age: 18-20 (age group)
Personality: nice at sometimes and forceful and rude at the other time
Extra: very smart,not that strong,can control the main four elements
Bio: techiro saibamen,a god,has travelled from from his home place to become a master from this world,sometimes he could be seen trying to free the slaves
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I was at a slave market just waiting for the perfect time to escape (+ONE PUNCH PIG  will repost as well)

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Name: pigley trin
Age: 22
Gender: male
Sexualiti: bi sexuell
Personality: good
Likes: manga
Dislike: swimming
Master: open

She was chain like the others just sitting there waiting for a master to come by

name:  Skylar 
age: 16 
gender: female 
sexuality: straight
master: none 
race: werewolf
bio:   she was walking down a street and was kidnap a week after her 16th birthday. 
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