Is there anyway or does someone know a good strategy to beat X52 Ice in a battle?

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The new phantom nuke looks sooooo nice!! +I added the stats
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I can not get speed limit boost.
It never appear.
Are there any level or something to clear?
Does anyone know?

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Here are a few of our more entertaining tracks
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Hi guys. I'm new to the group. I think I've got some interesting ideas to share.

If you have a jump track, you can lay them flat and use them as boosters. You need the launch side of the jump and a straight. Lay the open end of the launch piece on top of a straight. The system still reads it as a jump and give the car the acceleration even without the landing piece.

We have been making what we call "super banks". By connecting 2 corners together and pulling the radius in, it creates a steep Bank and allows you to make "impossible" tracks. These tracks are not compatible with ai opponents, but are good fun with friends.

A good tip for beating difficult ai is to build a track that suits the fight. Because weapons can pass across open space, you can build a track that gives you an advantage. Try building a track that let's you fire thermos flame thrower at several sections of track that aren't connected together. Using the right designs, it is possible to build a track that allows one spray of spread weapons to hit nearly your entire track at once from certain angles. The ai can't take advantage of the angles, but you can.

Another similar trick is using overpasses. The ai only fires in a straight line. Build a track with multiple levels and you can shoot your opponent regardless of which level they are on. The ai however, will only fire when it thinks the target is in front of it.

Learned some interesting things from Anki customer service over the past week as follows:

1. All supercars have "passive abilities" for speed and defense which increase with each Level Up, regardless of whether a speed limit or armor upgrade is applied. A level 20 car will be faster than a level 1 car of the same type and have better defense even with no upgrades.

2. The car stats which are on the website for Speed/Defense/Firepower/Special are for Level 20 cars. If you try to compare cars and expect the relative performance to be like the website at a lower level, it will not work.

3. The 'curve' of how a car passively increases its abilities from base to peak is different for each car. So, a Thermo and Groundshock can really only be expected to have the same Speed at level 20 and not before.

Is there a comprehensive list of all weapons and items in the game with max level? For example Plasma Cannon and Chaingun have Lvl 3 but Electropulse maybe only Lvl2?

Also- non sequitir but was surprised not to find a debate about Guardian's unique Nitro boost versus the other boosts... I hate it in time trial but like in a race since it's just tap and go...

I can't beat Kon any good strategies?

Any good tips for how to find higher rarity weapons?
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