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Edd: Toriel (not assigned)
Tord: Chara ( +Tørdy's Crap Animatiøns​​​​​ )
Tom: Napstablook ( +CrazyUnicorn​ )
Matt: Frisk ( +Tammy Aeromore​​​ )
Eddbear: Sans ( +KawaiiCookieBear​​​​​ )
Eduardo: Papyrus ( +KawaiiCookieBear​​ )
Tordhorse: Alphys (me)
FoxMatt: Mettaton (me)
UniTom: Undyne ( +CrazyUnicorn​​​​​ )
Mark: Asgore (not assigned)
Jon: Asriel (not assigned)
Jasmine: Grillby (me)
Paul: RG 1 (not assigned)
Patryk: RG 2 (not assigned)

Guys. I'm thinking of letting people choose two people. 

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Cute! Art not by me
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+Georgia Shelley​ and +gamergirl the first person
This is the last time I will say something. If you aren't gonna roleplay, don't bother being in this community. I am not adding anymore characters to the list. Once again, if you aren't gonna contribute to this community, leave or I will make you.

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I don't have any drawings that fit this post so have a picture of a murder scene.

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I made this myself!
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Guys I don't have the motivation to do this anymore!

Guys. We need people. Two of the current people haven't chosen a person. Newsflash. If you aren't gonna take part in roleplaying, leave this community. As soon as enought people are in I am gonna close the join community setting. If you have a suggestion for characters I will consider it. Only four people including me have chosen characters. I know I am taking up quite a few characters but I am protective of my OCs and my friends. This community is just for those who wanna have fun and Role play.

And if you have chosen someone, invite your friends who know Undertale and Eddsworld and like to Role play here. Anyway See y'all later.

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+KawaiiCookieBear​ I have started writing a thing............

Sorry about doing this late at night fam. I had caffine and I can't sleep XD

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Ok. I'm updating this. I am adding my other OC. I will be role-playing as three people for reasons. Tordhorse, Jasmine, and FoxMatt are strictly under my control. I will post who has what soon. Keep in mind that you may have to have a back up.
Edd: Toriel
Tord: Chara
Matt: Frisk
Tom: Napstablook
EddBear: Sans
Eduardo: Papyrus
TordHorse: Alphys
FoxMatt: Mettaton
UniTom: Undyne
Mark: Asgore
Jon: Asriel
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