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There are 20 slides for 15 seconds each  on Formative Assessment

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EdTech Mixed Plate - Episode 38

We're still winding down from #ISTE2015  but we have so much to share! We'll also have some special #EduRockStars  +Shane Asselstine, the one and only +Peggy George,  & +Linda Lindsay representing the #NotAtISTE  crowd!

Join +Michael Fricano II, +Michelle Carlson Colte, +Rachel Armstrong, & +Megan Cummings for episode 38 of EdTech Mixed Plate!

Show Notes:

Youtube Playlist:

EdTech Mixed Plate Website:

Google+ Community:

Our mission is to give a little something to everyone: #EdTech  ideas, tips, tools, & #EduRockStars  add to your plate.

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Not at ISTE IGNITE session on Mobile Learning. 

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I will be sharing Augmented Reality for Education for the Not At ISTE IGNITE session.
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