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So I made this community because all my friends left me and I have had many fights with good friends and I needed a place where I can be free and just enjoy the pure awesomeness of Donald J trump

The very fact that so many evil things are after Trump means that He's doing something wright. That's my opinion... What do you think?

I don't understand how so many people can be so angry and hatful and think that there doing the right thing???

So enjoy your stay here. I am here to help anyone that needs it☺

So I just came to this realization. Both sides are wrong. Whenever you fight you are wrong. I realize that we can't just let the country go but it is already dead. It can't pull out of this

The best thing to do now is to be kind and not have feeling towards ether side or people. Live to do what you know is right and let whatever is going to happen happen

That is all. Thanks my lovely friends

What good does it do you to go against Trump?
Has he led us wrong yet? No he's didn't
He's a master in money and money is are aconamy.

So why in the heck would you go against the new health care plan? The man obviously knows what he's doing. Let him do his stuff. Fighting against him is stupid freedom coacos. Stupid stupid

But don't worry Trump is a man of success and success is is made up of failure

So my question is. How stupid do you have to be to go against Trump?

I like the idea of Trump telling the freedom cocus to get in line. In my mind I don't see what good it will do to go against him and help the left out.

I realize I've just heard this from the news so it's probably fake. I'll look at the tweets later but if

Trump is telling them to get in line it would be a good thing because than we can see who actually supports Trump and who doesn't

Now he can get rid of the ones that doubt and out in the ones that don't. Than we can really get stuff done!

If the freedom caucos wasn't to doubt Trump and not support him than how can we expect him to rely on the? Of force hes going to god to someone that will help

I feel like Trump let us down but not pushing the new health car plan through and giving us are freedom to live back. But what do I know

It seems like there should be a way to prove that Obama care is unconstitutional and have it removed.

I am in exelant health and I feel sorry for the ones that need health care. The whole thing is blowing up in there face

As for me I am going with the construction witch says freedom. It's not right for me to be forced to pay for life when are Heavenly father is the one that gave it to me

So I will be canceling my health care and not filling my taxes. I exercise my right to be free so I will not be paying health care as I have no need for it and I will not be paying the fine at the end of the year as I worked for that money and it is mine...

So what's with everyone apposing the new health care plan? Are they so selfish as to worry only about them? Let's put it back in to the hand of the people and let the people decide.

God gave me health and life. Why am I forced to pay for something that God gave me?

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This is because they are worried about self and what they want instead of what matters

Republicans rebelling against health care risk Trump's wrath. 😆 This does not repeal OBAMACARE. Phase 2 and 3 cannot occur unless OBAMACARE is first repealed.
This is a Ryan double speak, double cross!!

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I've been gone for a while.

So Trump's health care plan isn't going as planned. Hehe I wonder if there fighting over it or something?

Trump said that Obama had hacked or wore taped him to let those who actually care the truth. Now it's not for us to worry about it. Let the people that can actually do something do it
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