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Personality:shy,doesnt talk very much.
bio:can use sounds like dubstep to do different things its strange but its his type he never takes off his mask though
he just entered the classroom

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sits in the school gardens silent,looking at the ground
((open rp))

State: oklahoma

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Okay everyone! We all have that amazing character description stuck in our head, but sometimes we just can't get it out on the page. So for a small fee ($5.00) I'll write or rewrite your characters description for you.
Any style, any setting, you provide the basics and I'll make your character shine!

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Name: Angel Dubua
Age: 26
Gender: male
Skills: elemental magic, shadow and light magic too
Likes: good in general
Dislikes: white pigeons, they scare him
Bio: I'd usually in his office, lives making jokes and acts pervy st times but doesn't mean to

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Names: Misaki and Axel Takahashi
Ages: 16 (both)
Genders: male (both)
Skills: Misaki can do shadow magic and Axel can to light magic
Bios: they both live to have fun. They make friends easily. Bad past
Likes: sushi, sweets and snakes
Dislikes: Brazilian food, spicy stuff and spiders
Appearance: Axel has glasses and Misaki doesn't
March 2, 2014
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Waiting at the Sparring court for you and your brother to arrive

Thanks for the promotion!
I'll do my best when I can be on =)

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Name: Vincent Noire
Age: 27
Gifts: Shadow manipulation
Weapon:  a katana
Persona: Kind, carefree, funny
Likes:anything sweet he can gets his hands one, spiders and acting like he super smart
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