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Though this community isn't very active:
This is NOT a spam community! Please stop posting all of your "Repost or die/ Repost and this will happen" posts here like it's a garbage can. It makes the community look so undisciplined and messy. :C I am going to see if i can get more members but all I request is that you do NOT spam here..


Heyo, I Just Joined, And I Don't Really Know If This Community is Active Or Not. If Someone Could Tell Me, That Would Be Epic :D

Hello Everyone!
I am sadly saying that I am going to be leaving this community. It was lots of fun, but I find that I don't post quite as much here anymore.
Make Sure To Keep Making This Community A Great Place!

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Get in to Christmas with the 12 days of Christmas gifts!
Yesterdays gift; Snowman in the Box
Todays gift; A diamond and a Gingerbread Mask.

Remember to get on AnimalJam everyday to collect your Jamstastic prize! Keep Jamming and have a wonderful Jammaliday Christmas!
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Hello people of animal jam! I have a scammer for you! And this is a real scammer >_> because he scammed meh but it's fine tho. Okay his user is Jellyboy123. He says he will give you a spike wrist if ya trade but it's a lie :P so don't trust him. :P

I found a scammer I forgot her username DX but she was saying "flash me,best flash gets non rare headdress and rare black spike long" and eventually someone traded her 2 founders. A rare purple worn. And a rainbow tail.
The scammer accepted and left. I gave her some stuff back like a. Rare purple spike long 1 black worn and 1 news crew plaque and a rainbow tail.
So ya the scammer was a artic wolf with black short spike. Black worn. All black top hat. Black short wristband. And white beta tail and ya

Hey guys starting in a few hours I won't have Internet for a week. If someone asks where I am please let them know that. Happy jamming!

Hi I'm cutedog93 and I'm new here :3 I love to type and play the computer *u*

Well, hi I'm new here XD!
I play Animal Jam, my username is Wingedkey and I love writing news!
I would type more but I'm just tired XD
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