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If you have any issues please contact me, +Deus ex Inferis 'OblivionStorm', or +This Guy.

How to order Pokemon:
1) Go to the Zoho website:
2) Order a Pokemon: MAKE SURE ITS A LEGAL MON!
3) Pick the Pokemon up the next Saturday at 6 pm EST.
4) Wait till Sunday to reorder another Pokemon, order it before the next Saturday.

One rule broken, one ban, so read all the rules.


Be respectful of others and their feelings.
No blocking or arguing with mod(s) or owner(s), it will end in a perma ban.
No spam.
No swearing.
No stealing, fighting, or tricking other people
No roleplays.
No annoying spamming
Any inappropriate pictures/videos will be taken down and the person who posted them will be banned immediately.
No shipping polls or anything about shipping, it annoys people to death. Most people get fed up about it, so please, do not post anything about any ships whatsoever.
Don’t post pictures of furries, it makes some people uncomfortable.
No useless polls, this is here just to reduce spam.
No fanfictions, no acceptions.


No spam of any kind is allowed.


Advertising is NEVER allowed due to so many people breaking the rules that were listed here, it’s not my fault it’s been removed, blame the ones who can’t read.


Hacked Pokemon are allowed with the following limitation, you must TELL the person if the Pokemon are hacked.
Do not get in arguments over Pokemon battles.
Do not brag about winning in an insulting or rude way, for it could hurt people's feelings.
If you set a time for a battle or tournament you MUST show up at that time.


All trades must be fair.
You must have the Pokemon when you are offering it.
No offering the same Pokemon within a 24 hour period and other Pokemon must have been offered by other people in the community.
Do not false trade. Aka trade someone an egg and lie to them saying its a legend/mythical Pokemon or a shiny egg.
You must notify the person you are trading of the legitimacy of the mon.

Hacking Orders:

Only request one Pokemon per week.
If you get greedy and ask for more than one Pokemon per week using the form we will give you a will not be receiving a Pokemon, if this issue occurs more than once with the same person then they will be banned immediately.
If you fill out the form incorrectly you will not be getting a Pokemon.
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Popplio is cute.

Since I do not have PowerSaves Pro I cannot hack in USUM. The ordering system is done at this point, thanks for everyone's participation in the past, but there will not be a future for the hacking system. Our other owner who did the orders before me has lost interest in hacking for the order system since no one orders anymore and when people did they rarely showed up.

The community will either be deleted or porpoised within the next few weeks. I'm sorry for this and I hope you all have a good day!

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Guzzlord is sad that this community is being deleted.

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I made good drawing!

The order system will be temporarily out of order for now, also I will be taking care of the orders from now on.

Well will be revising some things in the meantime such as rules, posts, links, etc.

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I love this

I am sorry the orders weren't sent out today, there was a some sort of delay! We will update you as soon as possible.

So are there any rules on how this works?

We would like everyone to refrain from posting spoilers for USUM in this community until 25th of November. Some people do not want spoilers for the game and we thank you for following this temporary rule.

Thanks everyone, have a great day! :>
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