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Welcome to Universeclan!
How long have you been traveling? Are you tired? Maybe you should go and have some freshkill. Once you're settled, you can go and play with the others! I am Featherstar, one of your leaders. Yes! ONE of your leaders! I share this clan with Bluestar. Anyways, go and check out the clan!


1. No art theft, oc theft, or any kind of theft.
Please do not steal anything. How would you feel if someone stole your art that you had worked on for hours? Please, PLEASE do not do this. You may post others' work, as long as you give credit for the owner. You get two warnings for Art Theft. Your first warning will be a temporary ban, then a full ban.

2. Be Kind.
Must I explain this one? Be treated as you'd want to be treated. We should all be kind and respectful to each other. Yes, we can get in fights, just please dont get everyone around involved.

3. No Spam.
Please don't make this a spam community. Yes, you can post as much things as you want, just try and have a big time space in between them.

4. Eight Ocs (Original characters) Or Less.
We wouldn't want a paw full of cats that are hardly used would we! Please do not have any more than eight ocs. You may get rid of some, if you want. You may also have unnatural ocs, all of your eight ocs could be unnatural! It would be prefer that you have at least one natural coloured, but it is your choice!

5. No Killing in Roleplays.
Please do not be mean or rude in these roleplays. If the opposite roleplayer agrees that you may kill or hurt their oc, you may.

6. Please use appropriate language.
Some people would prefer if we did not swear in this community. The highest the mods will tolerate swearing is 'crap'. You may say things like Oh My God, just do not use it in a bad way.

7. Have Fun!
Don't you want to have fun? Lots of us sure do! Lets try and make a nice and friendly environment for us to sleep and hunt in! If you have a bad feeling of someone, or if someone is bullying you, please contact a mod and we will have a talk with them.




Leader (1): Featherstar (+KitKat Productions)
Leader (2): Foxstar (+Paw Productions)

Deputie (1): Calicohop (+Jinx Warrior)
Deputie (2):

Medicine Cat (1): Lunatrix (+Anna Goh ಠ_ಠ)
Medicine Cat (2): Sageleaf (+Sapphire the Hetalian Warrior)

Medicine Apprentice (1):
Medicine Apprentice (2):



Warriors: Cherryleap (+KitKat Productions)




Leader (1): Ravenstar (+Anna Goh ಠ_ಠ)
Leader (2): 

Deputie (1):
Deputie (2):

Medicine Cat (1):
Medicine Cat (2):

Medicine Apprentice (1):
Medicine Apprentice (2):










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just wanna tell you guys that this is kinda... cruel

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Some adoptables to get the community going!
Not first come first serve
I need a Name, Age, Gender and (if you want) Personality!
Best of those 3 (or 4) Win!


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One of my new ocs that I will be using here!
Her name is Spiritmoon, but is fine with Spirit.

I will tell you more about her when I sign her up!

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(Open roleplay for one person please!)

Feathershine was walking through tall grass, hunting. She heard a russell in front of her. She crouched. As she started to creep towards the noise, you..

(Art not mine!)

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Can Sageleaf be a med cat please? I've had her way back when I was still Yellowfang X3 her name is Sagefur on other communities because there she's a warrior. Here she is Sageleaf.

Name: Sageleaf
Gender: She-cat
Age: 25 moons
Clan: UniverseClan
Rank: Warrior
Looks: Sage colored fur, with lighter markings on her back, head, and tail, and darker markings on her forelegs and back paws.
Apprentice: None, but she wants to pass her skills onto someone!
Personality: Lazy, usually cheerful, sometimes a bit shy
Mate: None, but would like one OuO
Crush: None
Bio: Sagefur is a cat with strange colors, shades of sage to be exact. As a kit, she was teased sometimes, but most cats admired her for the unusual colors. Most cats think she has a power because of her fur, but she is just an ordinary cat. She was apprenticed to the medicine cat when she was 6 moons, like all normal apprentices. At first she wasn't very happy because she wanted to fight in battles, but then she got used to it. Sagepaw started to enjoy her role as a medicine cat apprentice. At that time, there was only one medicine cat, her mentor, so she could fill up that second spot. At 13 moons, she became a full medicine cat, named Sageleaf. She fights averagely, and is better at defence and sleeping .u. Many cats think she is intimidating with her purple and scarlet-magenta eyes, but she's actually a really nice cat. She gives off pretty scary glares, though.
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Featherstar walks through the forest. She stops to smell the roses, untill...

Hello Warriors!
We don't have much things going on in our clan, do we? Me and Bluestar will give a tour of the camps tomorrow! (More like a picture of the camps, I'll also pin, so we all know where we are!)
But onto different matters, we hardly have anyone here! So we shall give permission for you to go back to where you came from and spread the news! May it be the twoleg place, rouge, other clans, WHERE EVER IT WAS! Go and share the news! (For instance, inviting friends and maybe showing us off on your community! As long as it is allowed)

May starclan light your path!
Meeting dismissed. 

Seems like a storm is coming.. We should double the patrols to catch more freshkill. There has also been the scent of dogs (stale), rouges and a tiny bit of Blackholeclan! What should we do?

Seems normal here! Little traces of a storm coming, but other that, it's purrrfect weather to go out and hunt! 
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