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Hello to the Kingdom!
Here we post everything that brings a smile to people! You don't have to use our template, but it would be much appreciated. I will leave one down in the comments. Have any questions? Ask me!

Before approving profiles check and see what communities they belong to. Don't want any raiders here.

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Quote: “No, I'm the one who makes the decisions. Remove yourself”

Name: Kory Holl

Age: 24

Gender: Male

Race: Nordic/Swedish

Appearance: Grey Military Jacket, black/grey fur

Likes: The Military

Dislikes: Losing wars/battles

Weapons: Nordic Sword, Pistol

Armor: Nordic Battle armor, thick plated

Occupation: General

Home: Anywhere the battle camp is

Mother: Unknown

Father: Unknown

Brother(s): None

Sister(s): None

Pet(s): None

Sexual preference: Women

Status: Single

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Collection: Gold And diamond

Name: Pro

Age: 20

Gender: Male

Race: English

Appearance: Academic

Likes: Girls girls

Dislike: quarrel

Weapons: Sniper M82A1

Armor: Samurai Katana

Occupation: air Force

Home: Bungalow

Mother: Sora

Father: James

Brother(s): +Sora the Wolf

Sister(s): +Dora the cat

Pet(s): Wolf

Sexual preference: Straight

Status: a man who is very adventurous and strong-willed ... not afraid of what's in the view of their..
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Quote: "Oh, the ring? I stole it :3"

Name: Ruby

Age: 4 (16 in human age)

Gender: Female

Race: Cat

Likes: Night,swimming,pools

Dislikes: Blood,Rude people

Weapons: her claws and her magic ring

Armor: None

Occupation: Police and fighter cat

Home: ⬇

Mother: Callie

Father: Dark

Brother(s): none

Sister(s): none

Pet(s): A small bunny named "Twig"

Sexual preference: Bi

Status: She is the strongest fighter cat and the most sly police officer(cat XD)
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