People like to say "Life is what you make of it" and I used to be one of them finding comfort and security in that like so many figured since I've worked so hard at doing the right thing for the right reason that I was safe that I could relax and enjoy my life cause I deserved everything I had I appreciated it all and so on. Seems to line up right ?
We werencoasting on the right path my family and I we were a three car convoy my two babies traveling with me ,my two grown boys next to me and my eldest girl with her familu when out of nowhere a plane fell out of the sky landed on a ship in the sea beside us it burst into flames and blew sky high debris flew and hit the tanker truck directly in front of us causing it to jackknife across all three lanes stopping us dead in our tracks then the tanker blew it sent a heatwave that hurled all six of us in different directions some if us on fire some barely burned we have been HEALING and searching for each other for three years this month.
This of course is my way of expressing a traumatic event and how it effected me and mine the story is fiction but the severity is real. It's a nightmare that I'm desperately the to awake from.
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