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Hi everybody! I'm here to announce that the website is under maintenance, because browsers blocked it "due to malware".
Someone reported malware on my website, but that's not true! I also think to know which tool was accused and it was EliteMap. I intend to delete it, because I think no one use it nowadays...

I don't know how much it will take, because as you may know if you follow me on I'm studying hard at university, so I haven't got so much time...

UPDATE: The website is nearly complete, enjoy and share it! ;)

In the readme file of all the tools, the protocol is not https, although the site itself just redirects from http to https.

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Whenever I try to extract the tools 7z files I never receive a working tool I just end up with these files, and when I open the application I get the error message below. Can someone help me get a working tool please.

Hello I have a question and I contact you so that you tell me where to download the app for hacking tools since I can not find the app to extract that is my problem if I solve it you would do me a great favor sincerely Megaalfadri

Is there a fix for reinserting the narc files on heart gold and soul silver? After i rename them i cant reinsert them.

Has anyone found any source or something on what to do with the .ocx files for Windows 10? I've tried everything and checked the FAQ. I was able to get files to uninstall, but can't reinstall now even with Admin Command Prompt.

Sup. im Gonna Be Making A Hack Of Fire Red and Leaf Green Called
"Fire Red:New Heroes Edition" and "Leaf Green:New Heroes Edition".
I will also do it to Ruby, Sapphire, as Well as Emerald. If anyone would like to try them out once they are completed, i will give a link to their Downloads when im done with them.

You can say the Hack NDS Password?? I´m trying to extract the files, and ask for the password, and I don´t know

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Ok just wondering how do i edit the start up screen?
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