Hai guys! Does anyone remember Bruce Wayne and Bullet star? Well im her! Well bruce wayne was me and im a girl...and bullet stars my oc an hes a guy...BUT NOT THE POINT! XDXDXD my old accout wont let me use it so i had to make a new one! I hope its oki with u guys im back?

Acornshell pads to highstones ready to become a leader. She pads into Mothermouth and walks down the dark tunnel. Shinning quarts were on the earth walls of the tunnel. Acornshell soon arrive to the Moonstone. I'm ready. the thought as she laid down and fell into a peaceful slumber. Her eyes fluttered open and it was obvious she was talking to starclan.

(Open to any dead cats that can give her a life, +nat dawson​ if Fallenstar/leaf can give her a life it would be appreciated.)

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bullet star was aatisfied with himself. He had finally found a home that was big enough to call a clan camp. His clan was called Tiger clan, but unfortanitally he had no cats ither then himself. maybe i should go and recruit some kittypets...mybe loners will be interested he thought

:blinks and sighs: i wish the camp wasn't destroyed cuz i miss the marsh :pads to marshy part of RC territory to try to hunt frogs:

Open rp for all SC and med cat leader or deputy of RC

Btw gtg too i will be back to rp tomorrow

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Name: OwlFeather
Rank: Leader of ShadowClan idk cuz of the stars if not deputy and if not med cat of RiverClan
Mate: None
Kits: None
Clan: ShadowClan or RiverClan
Bio: not doing right now cuz i just made the cat

Note: I would like to be deputy more then med cat

OwlStar sat in her den waiting for IceWing (i think i got it right) st send out hunting and boarder patrols:

Open rp for ShadowClan

Is anyone from Riverclan or Shadowclan active?

Acornshell walks into Riverclan camp with a dead Fallenstar with her. She set him down beneath the high rock. She leaped onto it and yowled. May all -- cats of -- Riverclan and Shadowclan-- gather around for a -- clan meeting. she said between sniffs. Once most cats were gathered around she spoke again. Today, Fallenstar has lost his last life in a battle against some rogues, may Starclan recognize him as a brave leader of Riverclan, and that he watch over us. I will appoint a new deputy by moonhigh and then travel to the moonpool with our medicine cat to the moonstone. But now, we will share tounges with Fallenstar one last time.

(Open to any Riverclan or Shadowclan cat.)

Is the one cat only thing still a rule.

Anyone want to become the new Riverclan deputy, Acornshell has to choose by moonhigh XD
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