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Urban Foxes:

Night: +Charlotte Dickson​ ((owner))​

Taken Foxes:

Elder Foxes:

Other Foxes:

Rouge Foxes:


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A picture I made of Isla

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New community, plz join

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Name: Ria
Age: 19(fox years)
Gender: Female
Fox Type: Lower Wildlands
Past Fox Type(s): Urdan
Ma: A fox named Kiroki(taken/pleached)
Fa: A fox named Rinoki(taken/pleached)
Personality: Shy, nervous, jumpy
Pelt: Picture
Eyes: Picture
Ma'ora: 23/100(she was born without enough Ma'ora)
Foxcraft Skills: None
Strength: 4/20
Cleverness: 19/20
Swimming: 3/20
Climbing: 5/20
Jumping: 7/20
Bio: Ria was born an only cub in the Greylands/Greatsnarl without enough ma'ora (like Mox), she, her ma, and her fa lived in an alleyway where a gutter-pipe supplied them with constant mice. One day, while playing at the edge of the alley, Ria heard growls and yips, and when she turned around she saw 7 foxes, 6 of them had a mark on their forleg like a broken rose. Her ma told her to run, and hesitantly, she did. Eventualy she wound up in the Lower Wildlands, where the foxes there took care of Ria and explained the Taken and Mage, and that next time Ria saw her parents, they wouldn't be the same. Since then, Ria has settled down in her own den in the Lower Wildlands, she learned to hunt and survive from neighboring skulks and hopes that theres a way to return her ma and fa's wills to them.

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Name meaning: A time once a year when day and night are of equal lengths, or, in human terms, a solstice. She was born on this day, and therefore named after it. It is a time of great magic.
Age(Human Years): 2
Age(Fox Years): 20
Gender: Female
Fox Type: Wildlands Fox

Territory/boundaries: “I go where I please, though I respect boundaries of noble foxes such as the elders.”

Family: ((OPEN, ask in the comments))
Mate: ((OPEN in RP))
Foxlings/kits: ((MATE FIRST))

Personality: She tends to keep to herself, believing like most foxes that to trust any but family is nearly a death sentence. Once you have gained her trust, though, she is fiercely loyal. She can be a bit hot-headed and sarcastic when you first meet her, but can be kind and loving in her own way once you get to know her.

Appearance: Dark gray fur, with silvery gray and black markings on her pelt. Her eyes are also unusual, one is a deep blue/green and the other a light silvery color. She is a smaller fox, with a large fluffy tail and big ears. (other appearance in picture)

Ma'ora energy: 67/100 (Still developing)

FoxCraft skills:

(She can only do a few very simple forms of Wa’Akkir, such as one other fox form and a coyote form)
(I notice that Karakking was not mentioned as a skill on the list of foxcraft powers, though I remember reading about it all throughout the books. I’m not entirely sure why it’s not there, and I hope a moderator can fix that. Anyway, for those who forgot or don’t know, Karakking is when a fox throws their voice, creating an echo effect that confuses other animals.)
Ma’aa sharm
(Only when a very close friend or loved one is in danger will she ever use this skill)

Strength: 3/10 (Unless in a powerful Wa’Akkir form)
cleverness: 9/10
swimming: 7/10
climbing: 9/10
jumping: 6/10

Art Credit: Me, i drew it.

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Oh my gawd! My voice had changed! I wish you could hear my voice right now! Reshare people! Reshare for your better voice!

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Name: Moon
Age: 20-Elder
Gender: F
Fox Type:Elder

Territory/boundaries: everywhere

Family: open
Mate: open,in roleplay
Foxlings/kits: open,mate first

Personality: stubbern,aggressive,smart,caring?

Ma'ora energy: -89/100
FoxCraft skills: 99/100


Strength: 55/100
cleverness: 99/100
swimming: 40/100
climbing: 80/100
jumping: 90/100

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Frederick Douglass
Wild fox
Has a few friends
Personality hidden and secretive
Mo'ora 72/100
Strength 200 lbs
Cleverness as sly as they come
Swimming usually for fun (. 1.6 mi
Climbing can't stop him
Jumping 3.4 feet

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Name: Whisper
Age: 1 moon
Gender: male
Foxcraft skills:
Jumping: 4/10
Speed 6/10
Battling: 10/10
Swimming: 5/10
Hunting: 7/10
Type of fox: urban
Personality:Nice, kind, shy, hotheaded, open minded, caring


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Name: Oak
Age: 25 moons
Gender: Female
Breed: Fox
Type of fox: Taken
Personality: Kind, rough, violent, strong, tough
Foxlings: none
Mother: deceased
Father: Deceased
Mate: open
Foxcraft skills:
Jumping: 10/8
Battling: 10/9
Slimmering: 10/10
Swimming: 10/6
Hunting: 10/7
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