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Name: Whiteflower
Gender: female
Appearance: (below)
Mom: Cloverface
Dad: Brownscar
Siblings: none

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bandit was at his locker being bullied by some jerks
mate imma give ya 5 seconds TO BACK OFF 
he had a Australian accent 

name: Abigail porter
 age: 17
 gender: female
appearance: smokey grey with a hint of white with beautiful blue eyes
likes: video games,playing
dislikes: bullies, bad video games,girly crap
 personality: kind,sweet and a true gamer to heart
 mom: mr's porter
dad: mr. porter 
 siblings: no one
 bio: a true gamer

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name: bandit
 age: 17 (( cat years))
 gender: male
 appearance: brown with yellow eyes often wearing a red bandanna 
 likes: out doors,nature and playing
 dislikes: bullies
 personality: kind,adventurous,courageous  
 mom: unknown
 dad: unknown
 siblings: ((open))
 bio:an Australian cat that moves into the city 

Bandit was in the forest
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