I updated the script to fix the episode's mood, it was getting dull. (From episode 3 drawn in pencil). I'm somewhere else but I might go back home to draw the panels.

[Plushtendo, Red, and Winter are walking along the dark road and up the clouds are bloody red and gloomy plants that died. Red is playing a handheld Gameboy to entertain himself, while Winter starts to have a conversation with Plushtendo.]

Winter: So now that we are heading to the prison, who do you think that might be responsible for this?

Plushtendo: hmm it could be that ghost girl, Leaf. I only saw her once... maybe

Winter: you know her too? We see Leaf a lot of times at night. Most of the times, she just looks at the moon. Or stay at the playground on her favorite swing set.

Plushtendo: oh...well I just thought she's just there to stalk people..

Winter: no, no, no. She wouldn't stalk people. She'd rather not be bothered by anyone else. But she does hang around with others that are close to Leaf, especially clover. But I don't know why.

Plushtendo: I remember when I first met her. She popped out of my computer...

[Flashback shows Plushtendo playing on a computer as he looks very bored.]

Plushtendo: mouse clicking repeatedly...screams as he sees something scary and falls off his chair and passes out....

Leaf: pops her head from his computer ?....hey! Don't I get a hello? Kids these days...looks at a soda can hmmm....opens the soda can and drinks away

Plushtendo: hey, that's my soda!

Leaf: ! spits the drink on his face in shock

[Plushtendo gives a mad look as Leaf gives a small tease]

Leaf: what? You look better that way. At least your hat is still dry.

[Flashback ends]

Red and Winter: both giggling

Plushtendo: hey, that was a rare green apple-lime soda. It's limited edition and it's the only one for a whole year!

Winter: but that scare was worth the meeting with Leaf. She loves a good scare.

Plushtendo: well I guess I did felt a bit brave meeting her in person. But that doesn't mean that Im going to do that agai--

Winter: interrupts ahem, who says who could we meet at prison?

Plushtendo: ...sigh oh.... right..why did I say that..?

Red: just your luck, huh?

Plushtendo: more like bad luck....sighs

[episode ends]

hi plumbers! im not dead :D

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Here finally episode 3 video X3 I'm sorry it was 5 months late

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2nd and 3rd pages
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Here is a first page of Episode 3 

+plushtendo +plushtendo Official 2nd channel ..either one of those. im starting the project of super plushie+misadventures. X3 sooo...what should happen first on episode 3?

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i updated the intro and looks like we have another youtuber joining us, +plushtendo  :D

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Should i continue the Super Plush+Misadventures crossover for episode 3? :3
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Gee clover, where are we heading into? :D

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Hey, its my storyboard :D I wonder what happened to it
I got the same picture but more clear :3
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