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Anyone want to rp?

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Please invite people to this community!!

Hey I'm new here. Just joined. I like to rp. And just curious: is there a certain amount of rp's we can have?

Alright. Here's the info for this rp of mine.

Name: Mordecai
Age: 23
Gender: Male
Powers: Well playing video games and such. Not necessarily any powers.

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The Heavens and Hell working on opposite sides, but I have one main purpose. To make sure a human had good and bad in their life. Special Angels and Demons had the power to control important things in a humans life, like love, friendship or fear and or insecurities. A demon by the name of (y/n) is know as the joker, he's normally called the boogeyman for kids and anxiety for adults. Everybody knew you just as they knew me, a angel by the name of Valery, I'm known as Cupid to heaven hell and earth. I wasn't like any angel I would like a taste of mischief, purposely making the wrong people fall in love making you job easier. You thanked me for that, on a typical summer afternoon flying over the park about to strike someone with my arrow, when you appear and take away all the fun tripping the woman. Making her land on top of the man and bam my assistant wasn't needed till a later date. You shoot me a look that says it all, you were mocking me with a hint of something else that I couldn't put my finger on. Trying to fly away you grab my wrist twirl me around placing a hand on my waist pulling me closer and place your mouth next to my ear and whisper with a voice like honey............

((Male needed please, try to be descriptive please state if you would like to role play descriptions of the characters are in the pictures once you've read it all say joker))
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I was an angel that was roaming the streets, because it was my day off. Some demon was causing mischief, I seen this and took action. When I did I got hurt badly by the demon I broke my wing in attempts to killing the demon that left me falling to my death. Before hitting the ground a strong pair of arms caught me. My emerald eyes looked into Crimson red ones. The one of a demon, he stood me up his spiky black hair flowing in the wind.

"Why did you help me, you're a demon I'm a angel" you simply respond saying

((male needed don't really mind if there are one liners sometimes but not all the time, my characters age is around 16 so be around that age rang please state name and age this is a romance story. If you have read all of this say 'cheesecake'))

mizaki haruhi
*ability to fly,shape shift into different animals (preferably a cat/ tiger) my original apperance is human with the addition of cat ears, tail and eyes. i can manipulate a persons thoughts and stimuli and i always land on my feet ^-^
i am up for pretty much anything you throw at me you name it ive done it all

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Who wants to role play as Hikaru from Ouran high school host club (( I'll be my oc))
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