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Name: Jin mo-ri
Nickname: Monkey
Age: 17
Gender: Male
Species: Demigod but doesn't know it
Weapon: mostly his fist but he can use a staff to fight
Height: 5'8
Likes: Napping, fighting strong opponents and anything exciting
Dislikes: not very much but he hates being lied to
Bio: He's spent his whole life training in Tae Kwon Do and various martial arts. His grandfather is the only family he has and the two train together all the time. Jin isn't really sure why he fights or even why he exist but he knows there's something important that he has to do. He has no memory of his parents and his grandfather refuses to tell him anything about them. Jin for the most part of his life has gotten into many fights and won most of them causing him to become arrogant.

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Name of rp: My little human

As a demon raised in hell you loved the human race. As you watched them through your sort of crystal ball

One day as you were scanning around you saw a girl in the woods by herself. You smiled lightly as you saw her. The fear in her eyes made you happy, you decided to scare her a little more

You teleport from your little home in hell to those woods and hid behind a tree in your human form. As she got closer to you you jumped out and she screamed and fell back.

You: laughs you humans are funny

((male needed))
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Gather round the good stuff! Pulls out a pizza 🍕

Name: Zander Man
Age: 1237
Gender: Male
Species: Human
Weapon: Double edge flash sword
Height: 6ft 3
Likes: Nothing
Dislikes: everything
Bio: was born in the 3 kingdoms of the north. Rebelled from my Father house and was chaced out of the land by the mighty Genral Zebadeeth and his 5000 Warriors. Now I am roaming the land looking for a new army to go up against the army of the north.

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These words I could hear when I was asleep "wake up Leo." I could hear the voice clearly but started calling for my help. I woke to see myself falling in pitch black area with nothing in sight. The voice called again,as Leo kept falling he looked at his feet his scarf on each of his side. His clothing started to change as he looked straight ahead in the darkness. He didn't know there was water until he hit it.

Leo was unconscious in the ocean as he floated in the water. A sword behind his back in its sheath, the night was stormy as he was half wolf half human. Although he felt something bad was gonna happen but it never did. Leo washed up to shore as you saw him at the beach it turned day quickly. You being a priestess in training as you slowly walked up to him then you...
((Open rp))
((Female needed))
((Name needed))
((Could be romance))

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[Story line]

A new worker had just come into town, Y/C was excited and so where the others. Who was the guy? Would he be a tough guy or a city sleeker to pick on?

"Here she is boys...."

The ranch manager called out as a tall, skiny, green eyes girl came out of the truck. Everyone went crazy. A girl?! What the heck?! This was no place for a girl!

Weeks passed and somehow she fit right in. She was strong and could take care of the smaller things. They all picked on her like a little sister. Yet Y\C thought of her differently. She was beautiful. Her glossy black hair always in curls, her hips were always stuffed in some jeans, her eyes dazzled a beautiful emerald green. She was to die for. She kept herself away from being alone with any of them for she didbt wanna be taken advantage of.

Y/C was determined to make her yours above all the others, even though you were close to the runt of the pack. You watched her, ever step. Watches her ride, everything. You were crazy for her, but she didn't know. Little Sam didn't know anything.....yet.


No text talk

Guys only please

At least 4+ lines, at the least.

You can create a character and add it to this if you like.

Have fun!!

Listen, do not just reshare roleplays and post them on other communities if the rp is not yours please and thank you

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[Story line]

"Father said never let anyone see this side of me......ive failed"

Local headlines read:18 year old Sandra Scott messing after a failed attempt by someone else to murder her. Her class mates claim she was a good friend of their and very all they ask is what happened?

Her father was a drug dealer and therefore she grew up that way. She knew the ways of the streets for they were her home. Life was rough after her mother left and not knowing where she was, she clung to her father. Words on the streets said her father was keeping money away from the other gang, and therefore.....they murdered him. She found out about it after the newspaper released the death. She knew where the money was and now they were after her

They promised not to kill her.....just tell them where the money was they said. She wasnt going to. After her capture, she was thrown into a dark room where she was to be punished....a prison to be exact.The other gang members knew she was strong so if she wouldnt break easy they had a plan

You were the one they sent for. Rumor was anyone would comply to whatever you wanted after punishment. You were aboss over bosses and got your way when you wanted it.....{The rest you all can add, if you are good or evil}

I was already badly beaten from the struggle to send me here and throw me in the room. One of the bosses let you peek in on me so you could see what you were dealing with. Yet you never expected what you saw.....

{*WARNING! Drugs, beating, cruilty, violence, cuss words and maybe sex will be mentioned*}

{*You are at will to determine if you wish to be good or evil. The story will change by the decision you make*}

{*5+lines plz*}

{*No text talk!}

{*If you read it all, answer the question below: Who was her father?}

*{Sandra Scott}*

Age: 17


Full name: Sandra Dawn Scott

Hair type: Cold black

Eye color: Deep Green

Likes: Destroying things when she's mad. Being alone with her dog Sparky, a German sheoerd mix. Loves her father to death even after he died.

Hates: Being forced. Being pushed around. Hates other people, even if they treat her well. Doesn't trust men very well

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Title - The Princess and The Angel.
Genre - Fanasty, Romance
Role Needed - Any Descriptive Gender
Rules - 2+ lines. State name and "The Princess". If you are wanting Hentai, type "And The Angel" as well. Please don't abounden the RP. If I don't respond within a week, message me. I only do pps.
The Start

"A curse. That's what it was. Why am I living? I HATE THIS!! I just want someonebto accept me for who I am. As the angel of darkness...As the daughter of Raven herself. The wicked yet foolish Queen of Dark Angels...Help me" Begged (Y/N)

Who would accept a 18 year old dark angel, only child of the Queen of Dark Angels, Raven, herself? No one. You sat alone, in the forest, in the nowhere. You had tears down your face as you were sad. No one liked you. No one until...

Then, a girl walked in. She had long, white silky hair and wore a beautiful white dress covered in roses and had glistening emerale eyes. She didn't seem afraid of you. Your eyes widen

"Hi...I'm Robin...Who are you?"

And that was when you knew the angel came
Once Upon a Time, within the Snowden Kingdom, lived a very lonely boy. He was the son of the king. The king known as William and had blonde hair and emerald eyes. His son was called Frederick. He was a boy of 18, destined to be king soon. Fredrick had brown hair and emerald eyes.He had fallen inlove with the neighbouring princess named Alena. She had silky black hair and emerald eyes, like Fredricks. She had fallen inlove with the Prince as well but none of them realised that their love was stronger than magic itself.

But...There was someone in the way. It was a girl named Raven. She was inlove with the prince and tried everything to impress him but had failed miserably. Mostly because she was the daughter of the Evil Queen named Rin. Rin was William's worse nemesis. He had done everything to keep the wicked witch away from him ane his son.

One day, the lovers met..

"Alena...I love you!"
"I love you...Fredrick!"

They said this to each other at their meet after a few years of seperation because of the War of Magic. They had kissed each other and had a happy life..
On a stormy night, in the bedroom of the King and Queen, Alena was crying and screaming while maids surrounded her, Fredrick panicking outside. Some of the guards, Fredricks friends, had attempted in comforting him, telling him everything was to be okay

"One nore push your majesty"

The loyal maid named Marrienette spoke softly towards the Queen as her hand was getting crushed by Alena's grip but didn't mind. Alena kept crying and crying until the cries of a baby was heard. On December 15th, a baby was born. The child of Queen Alena and King Fredrick. As the cries were heard, Fredrick walkes in and smiled warmly. He saw his child.

"It's a girl"

*Fredrick smiled and looked at Alena. "We have a child." Alena smiled back but started coughing violently. The maids were confused and Marrienette checked on her. She had a fever. But how?
A cold chill then entered the room..Raven arrived and cackled evily which sounded of dying crows. It was horrid and she had a evil grin on her face as she stroked Fredricks cheek but he pulled back before then Raven looks at Alena, then the child and then at Alena again.*

"Oh my, Alena and Fredrick, a child? My My...It'd be a shame if...Someone cursed that child!!" Then, purple blast was aimed at the baby and hit them. The baby cried even more while Fredrick cursed at the Queen. While Alena cried ane coughed even more. Marrienette had a face full of fear and mourning. Alena was dead.

"I'LL KILL YOU!" The king shouted and Raven disappeared. He was in a state of unstability, how could he raise the child? He couldn't. He'd be the worse father ever. The guards and maids offered to help and Fredrick thanked them. One of the maids then said that the child was a girl.

"Her name will be Princess Robin Alena I."

And so, it was announced that the child was raised by Fredrick alone as for the fact Robin was sometimes hit but that was her father had breakdowns since she is a reminder of Alena which tortures the poor king
Many years later

"Father, I'm going out to collect some food, I am helping cook dinner tonight"
"Robin, don't be out long please"
"I promise Father. I love you"

Robin kissed her father on the forehead and then walked out of the castle. She wore her beauitful white dress covered with roses and flats to match. Her long white hair trailed along with her. No one could explain why she had white hair except it was from Ravens curse.

She must have wandered off too far because she went in the forest as she was to collect food from the nearest town near her castle to collect it freshly. As she wandered, she spotted a figure with dark purple wings spread out, with lavander hair down to her/his waist and long, point ears visible. She/He wore a unique type dress and was barefooted. She/He seemed to be crying.

"Hi...I'm Robin...Who are you?*

You respond with...
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Name of rp: Goddess of the moon

you were boy who loved to sit outside, You loved the stars and the night sky. Especially the moon. You were always told about the man in the moon, but you never believed it, that's why you stared to see if you can see someone on the moon, but there was nothing ever there.
--------------------------------------------------Time Skip-------------------------------------------------------------

one day while sitting outside there was a shooting star, you made a wish on that star

You: I wish i could meet the man on the moon

then all of a sudden there was a flash of light and something else fell from the sky. Yo ran over and looked, it was women
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