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Were is ash we demand to know were he is.

Hey! If you would like to join, you may create a page as a grunt and join. From their, you can be promoted into one of three classes: At the top, a commander. If you are promoted to this you must choose the name of a god or planet to heed. In the centre, a scientist. You must study space/time and possibly the distortion world. You must come up with new ideas on how to make a new world. And, just above grunts, are spies. You will be infiltrating other communites and gathering info on trainers, possibly staging ATTACKS. Then, of course, at the bottom are grunts. However grunts are important. So there! Join up with a new page, and call the page"Galactic Grunt", and if you are promoted you can change it to "Galactic Spy" or "Galactic Scientist". Enjoy the role-play!
Veilstone City, Sinnoh

yo guys
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