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Name: Storm Thunder Gust

Nickname: Blue lightning, Weather man, Blowhard

Age: 15

Gender: Male

Element: atmokinesis

Hair Color: Powder Blue

Eye Color: Light Blue

Power/abilities: flight with his wind and lightning, speed, lightning punch, tornado generation etc.

Weapons: Nunchakus, 2 Shurikens

Bio: Half human, half storm, all crazy and wild, he is one of the craziest ones on his team. He loves to have fun and run around. He has trained under a wise old man and is now of the greatest shinobis ever, traveling in shadows as a real ninja would. Though he is definintly not a gentle man at times anddoesn't want to sit around long he is a fun guy to hang around with

Personality: fun, funny, crazy, short tempered, hyper, grudgeful

Strengths: fast enough to dodge bullets and run up walls, strong enough to punch metal, super stealthy, good with almost every weapon

Weaknesses: hates swim, sharks want to kill him, not too serious, loves to eat

Family: Chronite (mom)

Partner: unknown

Friends: unknown

Likes: blue and black, soda, pizza, games, technology, flying, orcas, dragons, ice cream and milkshakes

Dislikes: water, being bored, veggies, sweets, always dressing nice

Fear: deep water, angle statues

Sayings: suck my ass. eat storms

extras: his elemental color are blue black and grey

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Ok I'm getting annoyed here if you are in this community and you haven't even posted a single thing post or just leave it. I don't like people just being here yet doing nothing just watching on. So please just post something will ya and let me know that you are here and want this community to be active....

Hello everyone, I'm new here. I'll have my profile up in a bit! Please bear with me as I learn the ropes of this community, but I assure you it'll be quick and painless as I have a lot of experience! Thanks! 😊😁

HEY GUYS! I've just had coffee... so I recently just come over a oc who I shall not mention I probably sound really rude to this person as it is but to me the oc came off as a Mary sue and I generally think that if it's a Mary sue you didn't put alot of effort into you're character! I am not trying to be rude because I just want to tell you all that I want you all to put your heart into these ocs for any community or thing you use them for because one day you'll look back on them and say "hey I'm proud of this oc!" But if it's like a Mary sue you'll probably say "I wish I worked harder on this oc!". I am not trying to upset anyone or make anyone feel singled out here I just want you all to know that you all should make ocs that you'll be proud of in the future and not ones that you won't. Thank you for reading this post.

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Eira practices skating with her earphones in

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Profile template:
Name: Eira Frost

Nickname: Snow

Age: 17

Gender: female

Element: ice

Hair color: silver with pink stripe

Eye color: blue

Powers/abilities (must be related to element): can control ice, shoots icicles

Weapon(s): icicles, ice-skate blades

Bio: She grew up in Whales and learned how to figure skate there. She got her name by her element and she continued to figure skate in this school

Personality: focused, happy, enjoys company

Strengths: coldness

Weaknesses: heat

Family: none

Partner: none

Friends: none

Likes: ice, figure skating, cold weather

Dislikes: heat, summer, swimming

Fears: fire

Sayings: "everyone is born to make history."

Extra: she listens to history makers while practising
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Profile template:

Nickname: galaxy

Age: 15

Gender: female

Element: dark and light

Hair color: it looks like a galaxy

Eye color: pink and blue

Powers/abilities (must be related to element):she controls the dark element and the light elements

Weapon(s): a sword with dark magic in it and a bow with light magic in it

Bio: her parents left her a four because she never knew how to control her powers her mother was a very strict woman and very scary

Personality: funny,weird,scary at times,

Strengths: her weapons

Weaknesses: her past

Family: none

Partner: none

Friends: none yet

Likes: candy,friends,dancing,singing,drawing,reading

Dislikes: bullies,jerks,pervs

Fears: her mother coming back

Sayings: none

Extra: she has cat ears and a cat tail

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Profile template:

Name: Layla Moon

Nickname: Shorty (Only friend and crush may call her shorty)

Age: 16

Gender: Female

Element: Darkness

Hair color: Brown

Eye color: Yellow

Powers/abilities (must be related to element): She can move swiftly in the shadwos and she has black magic

Weapon(s): Bow and arrow

Bio: She has been bullied witch exposed her to darkness,She was in the light but high school came around and it changed her, She thinks there is still light in her and shes tried to get it out again but she has failed.Her mom left at age 3 and she has a big brother.Layla believes in love and she believes she can get stronger because of love.

Personality: She can be nice but anger and fear can make her expose her Dark magic.She is pretty weak emotionaly.

Strengths: Love

Weaknesses: Her past, Pink crystals

Family: Dad,and big brother

Partner: None

Friends/relationships: None yet

Likes: Black flowers,Hot chocolate

Dislikes: ???

Fears: Losing everything, Never finding love to keep her stronge

Sayings: ???

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Name: Wren The Comedian Warrior.

Nickname: Wren.

Age: 14 soon 15.

Gender: Female.

Element: Life. Death.

Hair color: Brown.

Eye color: Brown.

Powers/abilities (must be related to element): Vines with thorns, Bones, Nightshades, Flowers, & Etc.

Weapon(s): Life Staff, Sword, Gun, Katana, Knife, and Bone Sword.

Bio: I can't Remember. It hurts my head.

Personality: Sweet, Kind, DraMATic, Punny, Wise, Sensitive, Artistic, & Autistic.

Strengths: My powers under my control, & Wolves.

Weaknesses: Someone ask me constantly about my past, & Dark Magic, not black magic.

Family: Dead, her sister Magi (Magi with out the c, and I is capital) is missing.

Partner: No one.

Friends/relationships: None. I am misunderstood.

Likes: Being Understood, Video Games, Singing, Writing & Being Myself.

Dislikes: Chores, Being bullied, & being judged.

Fears: The dark, being alone, Dying, thunder, and being judged.

Sayings: I need to make A Skeleton of Friends.
Why am I so different? Can We be Friends?

Extra: (She's very Suicidal.)
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