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Just a very tough day for me.
21 years ago, my brother Olowan died, I broke my C-5 in my neck. I died multiple times that day. But I am a survivor, I’m alive today. That was in June. Then my father died 21 years ago today, and this was my first day of going to college. My first college class was in my field of study in Gerontology. The class was, Death, dying and bereavement. My dad at least got to know that I was accepted for college, and I was going to college before his death.
I’m not really sure what I’m trying to say.
I’m not really all here today.
It’s okay to cry.
I miss my dad!

Stardust gaze fortunes told
A fever in the freezing rain
Midnight cat stares away
Hard cold wind
A recipe from afar
Guardian star guides the way.
A child within
Heaven opens it door
Angel keys and angel wings

A rainbow night
colors shine on
Guardian angels night
From the hands. Love
Gentleness softly begins
The child all around
Angels from heavens door
Angel keys and angel wings

Heavenly gifts
Angel keys and angel wings
Tears of soul
Angel keys and angel wings

Open the door
Open the gates
Open your heart
Angel keys angel wings

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Today I am 60years old!
I made it!

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Mahalo to Dr. Marci Bowers.
I am three years old today.
GCS, set me free.
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Before GCS and after.
Four days change.
Happy 3rd Birthday, to Mia.

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Zuni-Poi. Fourth of July.
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Happy TransPride Seattle

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