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v0.3.12 Released (Beta Track)

TDLR - Audio switches from 5.1 -> 2 channel and back again should now work and added DVB Subtitle support.

* Update to ExoPlayer 2.4.0k2
* ExoPlayer 2.4.0 should have resolved the issue with channels stuttering while changing from 2 channel to 5.1 channel audio.
* Add DVBSUB Support
* Add ExoPlayer debug overlay (This shows the current channels audio/video details as a overlay)

This release has been uploaded to the Play Store beta track, and the APK is available for download from github:

DVBSUB Support and the ExoPlayer Debug overlay weren't quite what I wanted to release, but they landed before I realised v0.3.11 was a dud release... So.. Bonus? Hopefully they work well enough ;)

Any updates for the holidays? FF & RW maybe? I think these two are the only missing pieces to get this a complete fully backed ready to go public software.

I use TVH server ver 3.4 and TVH live channel (google play) on sony 49x80D ATV 7.0. Livechannel can show epg but no sound, black screen. Is TVH server need to update to newer ver? or i have create a special profile name tif or HTSP on TVH server? My TVH 3.4 still wowrk fine on my mobile phone (TVHclient)

Hi guys, when I go to add my TVHE server to Live Channels it stays Processing when syncing channels. If I exit out, I have the channels listed but no EPG data and everytime I go in and out of the UI it redraws the channel logos. If I sit in UI for a while the EPG data loads. Any ideas?

I've tried clearing data and re-adding TVHE server but I get the same result.

It used to work just fine!

Today's TVheadend update (unstable 4.3) on Ubuntu really broke the function of this app totally...

Edit: Enabled the Nvidia Shield workaround, and it starts working again on this Sony Bravia TV?!

Edit 2: Stopped working again when switching channel.

Edit 3: Downgraded to stable build of Tvheadend backend, everything works OK.

I got an Philips Android TV with Android 5.1 and have been reading that Live Channels don't work with them (Just a black screen). Is it for me to wait for an android update from Philips ?
I now have kodi installed and run my tvheadend from it. But I like the Live Channels better because it uses the Philips built in epg & channel software.

Since a few days the channels are no longer sorting after channels number in the epg, a few channels are placed what looks random in the EPG. The only thing that has changed is the tvheadend backend that is updating now and then, running Ubuntu server. The problem is on a Sony Bravia XD85 "Streaming channels" .

When my kids watching Boomerang-channel, the audio always starts on Danish, but the TV is set to Sweden. In Kodi you can set a default audio-language to prevent this from happening, is there a way to do this when using TVH Live-channels app?

How to fast forward On Sony TVs....?
Im using Tvheadend live channels as source for the inbedded TV platform which works really well. The thing is that I can't find a way to fast forward after pausing the TV stream. Has somebody else get this working?

Hello, I have installed the app, and it seems to be working, but timeshifting doesn't work. It works fine in Kodi. Using an nvidia shield. Are there are options I am missing? The timeshift option in the app says not to use it.
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