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New Wiki for sharing config details, recommended settings, anything related to the app really.

The wiki is open to anyone with a GitHub account to edit, and has been seeded with some basic info. Feel free to add whatever feels relevant, and may be of use to other users.

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Hello someone of you Live TV Channels on the Shield?
How do I get the left bar with the categories away? Would like to have the Epg display as a full picture. At the beginning the times with the left pressed but now no more.
Can someone help me?


Some strangeness about channel icons. I have installed the full picons "light on transparent" set from (srp-full.800x450-760x410.light.on.transparent_2017-02-18--10-44-31.symlink.tar.xz), and pointed TVHeadend at them. All the icons work fine in the TVHeadend web interface, but only some of them show up in the TVH Live Channels UI (eg: RTÉ2 is fine, but RTÉ1 only shows the channel title).

Anything I can do to debug?

For some reason I'm always getting "Failed to add account: Failed to validate HTSP Credentials" every time I try to add the connection details. I've tried connecting using my phone and a different app without problem. I had to reinstall everything recently and since I haven't had any luck getting this to work any longer. Any suggestions?

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please can you add support drivers tuner k1 & kII PRO in your app android
this is drivers from libreelec


Finally got the Exoplayer working perfectly!

Upgrading to the unstable 4.1-2405 did the trick!

Any Philips Android TV users here? If so, could you list your TV type (important distinction between xxx0 and xxx1) and what is or is not working? I have the feeling certain TV types have issues while others don't. Also, list the TV SW version and the SW version info of the Live Channels app please.

My setup:
TV: Philips 55PUS8601 (MTK SoC)
SW: QM151E.
Live Channels app: v1.2.0
TVH: pass-through profile (also tested with tif profile)
- audio only, no video seen regardless of SD/HD

EDIT: added TVH profile info

v0.2.73 Release Notes

Hey all - v0.2.73 has been released, and brings us another step closer to HTSP video :)

Some highlights:

* Moved to a new ExoPlayer version (v2.2.0).
* Recommending ExoPlayer over MediaPlayer/VLC during the setup wizard (the other options do still exist)
* Move to a new HTSP library, the new library is simpler and better suited for adding HTSP video.

The new HTSP library is likely the highest risk item in this release, but gets us closer to HTSP video (i.e. timeshift and recordings!). Please report any oddities you see around EPG sync!

Keen observers will notice a new preference in the settings for HTSP video, as it's description says. Don't click it. It won't work - yet! So far all it does it switch to using a new codepath for ExoPlayer+HTSP, you'll notice it subscribes to streams over HTSP if you watch the tvheadend admin UI, but, no audio and no video will work. Again - Yet. It's getting there :)

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Can anyone advise how to add an audio stream filter to tvheadend to stop it passing the narrated audiostreams? These are usually labelled as 'unknown' and the correct filter as 'English'

DVR question: What is the current intention for DVR implementation regarding the storage location? On device or on server (tvh)? Timeshifting to local RAM, tvh RAM, local storage (internal/USB/NAS) or tvh storage?
My personal preference is that TVH would be the DVR so multiple clients can access the same recordings, but would recordings be navigable from the Live Channels App? Not a deal-breaker... the pause/skip function is the critical piece for me.

I'm certain this is probably one of your biggest headaches as it stands without a gombeen like me asking the question. This website describes some possibilities but I can't translate it into plain english.

In other words, it's a purchase decision...Shield 16GB or 500GB(Pro)?

There are plenty other considerations, such as device control of Amps/TV using IR (blaster/receiver) and cost. Would 500GB of internal storage be of any benefit for your upcoming efforts with timeshifting/DVR?

Here's a bit of waffle:
My goal is the same as most people here - to have the ultimate cord-cutter(channels from DVB-T/S/IP/Apps) alongside official streaming, music apps with Cast support and the promise of home automation.

Mediaportal and Chrome on Windows HTPC has been my standard for 5 years but I think now is the time to go all-in with Android TV thanks to this App.
Excellent work on App so far!!! 
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